2017 Goal and Challenge Review

Hey Epic Geeks,

At the beginning of the year, I took on some goals and challenges by others in the community (Geek Girls x Bloggers) to achieve this year. Today, I’m going to review how I’ve done, if I’m going to try again, and anything else in between. Sometime soon, I’ll come back to you all with my new challenges and goals for 2018.


Challenge 1: Pass and Fail

Write more book reviews, at least three a month. (Katy of Oh So Geeky)

I did write more book reviews, however, I don’t think I ever hit three in a month. Book reviews take a lot of time and thought. I’d rather give quality over quantity. Check out all of my book reviews here. Every book review has a non-spoiler section as well as a hidden spoiler section. (:

Goal 1: Pass and Fail

Start a Book YouTube channel.

Technically I did start a YouTube channel. You can find it here. However, I didn’t stay consistent and I plan on redoing it AND starting a second channel at the beginning of the year.

Challenge 2: Fail

Learn coding, HTML and C++. (Dee of Princess Deia)

I meant to do this so many times but I kept forgetting or never sat down to just do it. I am definitely going to attempt this one again in 2018

Goal 2: Fail

See if I enjoy recording audio books.

I didn’t even attempt it and I probably won’t next year.

Goal 3: Technically pass

Expand RedBubble shop.

I think I technically expanded my shop but I didn’t do much. You can find my Red Bubble shop here.

Check out this super cute graphic I made with my outro tagline. (:

keep calm and stay epic

Goal 4: Success!

Create an email list/subscription.

I did and if you’re not on it, sign up now. I plan on getting a lot more done with it this upcoming year.

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Goal 5: Fail

Do at least one giveaway.

I completely failed this considering I didn’t do any giveaways … but I did win a few.


Challenge 3: Fail

Learn to write like Sarah J. Maas. Study her sentence structure. Practice writing short scenes/stories with the same structure. (Hannah of Between the Lines Editorial)

I’ve been writing more but I definitely didn’t study Sarah J Maas’s structure and style …

Challenge 4: Kind of fail

Write short stories outside of my comfort zone. (Pepi of depepi)

I have started writing some shorts but I don’t think any of them have been outside of my comfort zone.

Goal 6: Fail

Fill an entire sketchbook.

I have drawn a lot more this year but I haven’t finished an entire sketchbook. Next year, I plan on a YouTube segment “Drawing for Feminism”. I will take a prompt and draw whatever I’m inspired by. Any Ad Sense money made on the video will go to a feminist organization.

Goal 7: Success?

Discover/learn new mediums.

I’ve learned a lot more about using colored pencils.

Goal 8: Not sure …

Read 75 books.

I’m not sure if I passed this or not because well … As of December 27th, I’m at 67 books, so it’s possible but unlikely. BUT, feel free to add me on Goodreads and see my updates.

Challenge 5: Fail

Complete NaNoWriMo this year.

I tried and failed around 25k. BUT I will finish my first novel next year. I have to.


Goal 9: Success-ish

Try to drink 100 oz of water every day! 

When tracking, I hit 100oz a lot of times but mostly, I just made sure to drink when I was thirsty.

Goal 10: Fail

Start practicing Kung Fu San Soo more frequently again. (Jessica of The Nifty Nerd)

This year has definitely gotten away from me. I really do want to re-try next year.

Goal 11: How do I track this?

Have less “down” days. I know I will still have depression but I want to try to have less bad days this year!

This year has been rough, especially the first half. However, I do think I’ve done pretty well on this front overall. My down days weren’t normally due to my medication not being stable, etc.

Goal 12: Success!

Acquire a therapist/counselor. (Hannah of Cats and Coffee)

I did get a therapist. Technically, I’ve gotten two. My first therapist was not the right one for me but I absolutely love my current one. (:

Challenge 6: Success

Take more selfies for self-confidence! (Kaitlin of Vivacious Hobo)

I actually did a few full months of posting selfies and it honestly did improve my self-confidence. I ran a few challenges, but overall, I have just taken more and become more okay with myself. The challenges I ran were unedited photos daily and oh my, did it help!

Goal 13: Success

Eat out/ordering in less, “limit” 4 times a month

I’m not sure how many times we’ve gone out every month but we’re definitely done it less than last year! I would say we averaged out to 4 times a month, if not less.

Goal 14: Fail

Hit my step goal of 8k a day and eventually increase it to 10k a day.

I definitely didn’t hit my step goal daily and rarely did I hit 10k 😛

Goal 15: Success

Do yoga more frequently/try out a few yoga studios, maybe 3 times a week?

When I set this goal, I had never gone to a yoga class. Now, I’ve been trying to go to a community yoga every weekend and it’s been fun. Also, I got a gym membership and have been working out!

Challenge 7: Fail

Try aerial yoga!

I didn’t try aerial yoga but I have started regular yoga! Maybe this can be done this upcoming year!

Challenge 8: Success

Be more social. For more people, this doesn’t seem like much, but for me/my mental health, this is huge.

I would say this is a yes! Not only have I actually done things outside of home (and without Zach), I’ve also been playing games very frequently with some wonderful friends and it’s been so awesome for my mental health.

2017 goal challenge resolution review

At the end of the original post, I said I’d update every 3 to 6 months. That didn’t happen but I definitely thought about it, soooo that counts, right? How did you do on your 2017 resolutions, goals, and challenges? What do you want to achieve in 2018?

In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,