28 Random Thoughts


Mental health goes much further than just anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. Today…  I’ll going to follow suit with Emma over at Scruffy Little Nerd Herder. Today, I saw her post 28 Random Thoughts and I absolutely loved it. I loved the idea of sharing some of my thoughts, which yes, also include my anxious thoughts and much more.

  1. I really want to write an eBook.
  2. I have a couple Pen Names that I’ll write under… but also my own name.
  3. I really need to finish planning my wedding.
  4. Crap… and invitations… I need to design those.
  5. I recently fell in love with Omaha, NE.
  6. I can’t wait to buy a house with Zach.
  7. God… perfect house… log cabin or dark brown wood… pond in the back… away from town but near town…
  8. That would be amazing to draw/paint.
  9. I want to draw now.
  10. and paint… hm…
  11. I don’t have any paint anymore.
  12. I should use my art easel more.
  13. Oh! and my electric violin.
  14. I love my violin. Zach got it for me.
  15. But I’m scared to pick it up again.
  16. What if I suck?
  17. Well.. I know I won’t suck… but I won’t be where I want to be.
  18. I wish I had the courage to play for Zach and his parents.
  19. I had to redo my speeches in front of them about 100 times.
  20. I feel so bad for wasting people’s time.
  21. Why do I always waste people’s time?? I shouldn’t do that.
  22. I don’t want to bother people… I’ll stop messaging them.
  23. Why don’t they ever message me though?
  24. I guess they don’t like me… so that’s okay I guess.
  25. Why don’t I have any friends?
  26. Zach is amazing and so supportive…
  27. It seems like he’s the only one there sometimes.
  28. I really want pancakes. With strawberries…


Okay, so that was a little bit of my messed up thought process. Go check out Emma’s much more entertaining 28 Random Thoughts! She’s awesome!


Keep Calm,



  • I love taking a look into other brains. I still can’t get over the fact you have an electric violin – it makes me really tempted to learn. And stop being silly, you definitely have at least one friend – me 😀 Friends are usually over-rated anyway (sorry, cynic in me is talking) I also really want pancakes now..

    • So do I! It’s so… intriguing. Everyone thinks differently, and even one person can think differently day to day.
      I absolutely love my electric violin. I also have a regular, acoustic violin. I’ve played (I don’t remember if I mentioned here) for ten years now. I just counted the other day. I can’t believe that.
      Friends can definitely be overrated. Yay for having you as a friend though.

      Even though this got marked at spam, I’m kind of glad because this comment definitely made my day. I’m just sitting here grinning like a goof while at my work desk.