3 Awesome, Geeky Gals that Blog

Okay, so today was going to be Loot Crate but I’ll save that for Thursday (it was awesome though… I kind of peaked last night, sorry!).


Today, I’m going to feature some amazing ladies that I may also end up collaborating in the (near) future. Most of them, I met through Facebook through various blogging pages. I’ll give you links to their pages and a brief description of the person/their blog.This is definitely not a full list of all of the amazing people out there.

KATSYXO (http://katsyxo.com/)

First off, I’m going to mention Miss Katie from KatsyXO. I’m actually talking to her now, believe it or not. She’s an awesome person in every aspect. Somehow she can juggle two jobs and school full time, so definitely give her praise for that!

I absolutely fell in love with her blog immediately because the first things I saw, I instantly connected with; procrastination and books.

From Girlie to Nerdy (http://www.fromgirlietonerdy.com/)

Okay, so now for Danielle at From Girlie to Nerdy. First, I saw her commenting on posts and liking comments on my own blog. I finally checked out her blog and what can I say? Love at first site. 😉

My favorites have to be the 5 Fandom Fridays but she also has plenty of crafts and recipes and just amazing things in general. and she has a cat. Who doesn’t love cats?

Vivacious Hobo (http://vivacioushobo.com/)

Last, but definitely definitely not least, is Kaitlin over at Vivacious Hobo. Kaitlin is a stay-at-home-wife (hello, my dream) who loves many geeky things but her blog mainly focuses on books, poems, etc.

I love reading but don’t get to read books as often as I’d like. I enjoy her blog very much so and definitely want to do a book-swap with her if she lets me!


Go check out these amazing ladies! They’ll blogs are all different but have one thing in common: amazing, geeky females writing because that’s what they love to do!

Keep calm,