5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms

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Last week, I put up my dream apocalypse team announcing that I was also reviving 5 Fandom Friday. You can find all previous (and future) prompts on the original 5 Fandom Friday post. This weeks prompt is originally from 2014 and it’s “Five Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today”. I was really excited to do this one because so many fandoms have shaped my life and opened up my life to other fandoms. I’ve made friends and grown due to this amazing, geeky life. I’m going to go through my age of discovery… now let’s get started.

Pokemon Gateway Fandom

Pokemon was one of my first fandoms. It’s followed me through my entire life! My first encounter was in Kindergarten and I still love it today at twenty one! It showed me love and compassion and I did everything from collect, to play, to watch, to imagine, and create. I created characters and imagined myself in the world. We roleplayed as if they were real and I made stories and fanfictions. Pokemon was definitely a gateway for all things fandom related.

Twilight Gateway Fandom

Next up is definitely an embarrassing one… I even messaged a few geeky ladies like omg… I can’t believe I’m about to put this in a post… Twilight. Now, like I said above, I’m doing this by age. I discovered the Twilight sage with the second book, New Moon, in a scholastic book fair (yay those are so awesome). I was eleven. I was confused since it was the second book but still loved it. Then went back and read the first book. I fell in love with all of them and followed the series all the way up to Breaking Dawn even though by that point I was out of the series. I wanted to finish them. Many embarrassing memories follow Twilight but it was a gateway to some amazing series and the vampire realm.

House Of Night Gateway Fandom

House of Night came very shortly after Twilight. I didn’t necessarily discover it because of Twilight but I discovered it because of my love of vampires. House of Night fueled a major passion for photoshop and photomanipulation. I made a lot of fanart of House of Night and original characters. The tattoos/marks were just so inspiring.

Buffy Gateway Fandom

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an on and off portion of my middle school age, still late to my life. However, I didn’t get seriously into it until high school. I then rewatched it again after high school. Buffy has so many amazing lessons and growth that it couldn’t not be a part of my gateway. It’s fourth on my list because it was still before the fifth.

Doctor Who Gateway Fandom

Doctor Who is number five because it was the first major fandom I was in. Yes, Buffy is big, but this was the first big one. and let’s just say I got sucked in big time. I loved Star Wars, but I never got huge into collecting or anything like that. Doctor Who … I wanted it all. I wanted to watch it all. I wanted to do nothing but watch it and walk about it and have everything to do with it. Doctor Who was like being twelve again talking about Twilight with Molly but I was alone in my room with a laptop in high school. God that sounds so sad … but hey, we’ve all been there. It’s the fandom life. At least we have internet. 😉

There are some amazing fandoms that I didn’t mention but they were mainly discovered off of the the above. I also didn’t mention any animes (unless you want to count Pokemon but I’m not…) but Fruits Basket and Chibi Vampire were my main gateways into that realm.

What were your gateway fandoms? Do we share any?

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