5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Expressions

Hey Epic Geeks,

This week I really wanted to join in on the 5 Fandom Friday fun because it’s all about the geeky expressions. I don’t really think about the fact that not everyone would know what they mean because I surround myself with people who love what I love. With that being said, they normally know all of the geeky expressions that I use. The actual topic is “Geeky Expressions Only Your Friends Would Understand” and The Nerdy Girlie has a full list of 5 Fandom Friday weekly prompts.

“I Need Healing!”

Okay, so I’m adding this in here because I’m a healer and Overwatch has a button that allows people to say this. Guess what, I am healing you bro. STFU. I know Hannah from Cats and Coffee feels me.

“Do I need to roll for this?”

This is in tribute for a good buddy of mine, Stabby. I have to bring in a great ol’ table top game D&D. When you’re new, you really don’t know what all you have to roll for and depending on the DM, they may make you roll for every little thing. Our DM, Cory, made us roll for a lot of checks one dungeon and that night was very … memorable. I won’t go into the entire story but at one point, poor Stabby asked, “Do I need to roll to cry in the corner?” … the answer is no. You don’t need to roll to cry in the corner.


Now, “spoilers” may sound normal, because most people know what spoilers for a are or the wing on the back of a . But most people don’t think it’s about your wife that you haven’t married yet who is your companion’s daughter who appears older than your companion’s themselves that have never even had a child named after their best friend and living in the reverse timeline of your own. Make sense?

“Get Good” or “Get Rekt”

I know Miss Hannah Cats and Coffee likes saying this after killing someone as Mercy … let’s be honest, so do I. What’s better than killing someone as the healer? Maybe that’s why everyone is yelling “I NEED HEALING” … oops.

“F***, I killed myself”

Now … this one is a wonderful phrase that I somehow work into any game. League of Legends? Forget that I right click to my lane and ignore for my second screen … minions kill me. Overwatch? Back up off the edge of the map. Random RPG? Jump off a building and take too much damage and die. Another random RPG? Accidentally throw a grenade and it explodes, killing me. I think you get the point.


What are geeky expressions that you use? Do you use any that I mentioned above? Let me know some of your stories in the comments below! PS. I love dice shaming. Give me a D&D Story! 😉


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,