5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Want Or Have

This is the first 5 Fandom Friday I’ve participated in. You can find more 5 Fandom Friday here. This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is “Geeky tattoos I want or have”.

I currently have two tattoos and both I consider kind of geeky in their own way but neither are really fandom related. However, I have many geeky and non-geeky tattoos that I want.

Current tattoos

My first tattoo is “Mind over matter”. I find this one geeky because I have it (as you can see in the photo) written in equation form. aaand I have it on the back of my neck in a little joke to myself that “mind” is on top close to my head.
Mind is in cursive, italic because of how it should be free-flowing and more creative and just open. Matter is in non-italic and a more plain, serif font. This is because matter or physical items have more form. They are more strict.

Mind over matter is so meaning to me in so many different ways. One is because when you put your mind to it, you can do anything; physically and mentally. You can overcome anything and everything… and it can also make you feel like you can’t do anything at all. The mind is so tricky and I got this tattoo for the sake of it doesn’t matter. Take your mind and try to just do it… Mind is one of the most powerful things ever. I have so many more meanings behind this tattoo but this is the main one.


My second tattoo is something I drew myself. So that, for one, is an amazing meaning to myself. It’s hand drawn and was literally copied from my notebook paper on the template for my skin. It’s a treble clef going into the virgo symbol. I’m a Virgo, with the birthday of September 7th *winkwink nudgenudge* and also a violinist, which reads off the treble clef.

Hopefully future geeky tattoos

I’ll try to just stay on the track of geeky or fandom related tattoos for my future ones.

I definitely want the anti-possession tattoo that you can see on Supernatural. One, I love Supernatural and two, I don’t want to be possessed… soooo yay extra caution?

I kind of want an “Always” tattoo, but not the normal one. Yes, it will be for Harry Potter but I want to write it out and draw it and be slightly different… maybe etched into a wand.

I want garter tattoos on my thighs. What makes this geeky is the fact that I want a hand drawn dagger fastened on one side that was personalized for D&D and on the other side I want a pistol or possible a wand or a gun from Star Wars or maybe a sonic screwdriver.

I want a pixelated tattoo of something, but I’m not sure what. I kind of want like three pixel-hearts on my wrist or a “1-up”. I don’t know. That’s obviously still a work in progress.

Doctor Who tattoo of some sort. I don’t know what. An amazing TARDIS drawing or maybe something as simple as a wolf (which would have many meanings for me) but “Bad Wolf” etched in the background. Personalized Gallifreyan would be amazing too. Ooh, or a pocket watch with a Doctor-ish saying like “Allons-y” … I don’t know SOMETHING. The crack maybe specially colored or in watercolor would be really neat as well. Who knows, maybe all of the above.

A tattoo idea that I had a long time about is taking a music staff… having a treble clef on it… have no notes but have tally marks for the Silence on the music staff.


Okay, I could go on and on and on forever on geeky tattoos (or tattoos in general) that I want.


Keep calm,