5 Fandom Friday; Nerdy Hobbies People Don’t Consider Nerdy

Hey … I still don’t have a name for you all … so hey everyone!

5 fandom friday

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly post that I occasionally indulge in rather than my Fandom Friday Q&As. If you want to know past or upcoming 5 Fandom Fridays, go check out the original post that is updated monthly by The Nerdy Girlie. This weeks topic is “Nerdy Hobbies People Don’t Consider Nerdy”! I thought this would be difficult, but it really wasn’t. Here we go.

Video games (with my fiance)

A lot of people who are not in the gaming world go “awwww, that’s so adorable that you play with him” … and then there’s the toxic people in the gaming world who instantly think I’m going to be horrible because I’m playing with my fiance. Who knew girls could game? But in reality, most times if we’re playing video games nowadays, I’m the one pushing for it. Sorry. 😉

Netflix and chill

Just kidding, more like, Netflix for twelve hours straight, sleep for a few hours, then more Netflix. That’s right. Binge watching Netflix. I felt really really bad when I had an icebreaker with my coworkers mooooonths ago and one of the questions was “Who has the longest binge watch”… Well, let’s say my nerdy binge watching Doctor Who, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings trilogy, and many many other things beat out everyone’s few hours … Ooops.

Game Night

Game night has become really popular. For me, though, game night usually meant stay up all night playing D&D (who wants to see my dice collection? I love dice). Sometimes it was a virtual game night and we played League… but most lightly D&D or Cards Against Humanity. Now? It’s usually Monopoly… World of Warcraft Edition.


I’m a photographer. I love my hobby/business. I enjoy doing it very much so. I mainly do cosplay photography though. (My cosplay photography page is Epicfy Me Photography on Facebook.

Marianna Griesacker as Asuna Photograph by Me

I am a little late due to family, but I hope you all will forgive me.


Keep calm,


  • I wish we lived closer. I feel like we would be besties!!! Plus I need people to play D&D with. We can never get a game going

    • I’d believe it! Just move up here to good ol’ Iowa. 😉
      My past D&D groups have fallen apart because they’re soooo far away from everyone now.

  • I didn’t realize you lived in Iowa! I’m from Minnesota we are practically neighbors! 😛

    Anyway I definitely get the video games thing. Like whenever I make a comment how I play a video game it’s like men are just astounded. It’s like yes I have a vagina and yes I can play video games.

    • I think I’ve only been in Minnesota… once? MAYBE? We travel for my fiance’s work though so if there’s ever a time we’re out there, I’d be completely down for a meet up. Lunch, coffee, etc. (:

      I’ve played for years… it can get annoying though with online play… We play CS: GO and it’s just annoying something. “Is that a grill???”

  • Photography is quite nerdy but not in the same realm of nerdiness. I know a lot of other moms that are geeky out about pictures and the bokeh of a lens and depth of an image as well and the subject matter etc. I think people forget out science-based photography actually is and what goes into creating a quality image.

    • Oh, absolutely. Photography has so many technicalities that it’s completely nerdy in it’s own aspect for sure! (:

  • I think any hobby can be nerdy 🙂