5 Fandom Friday: Thank You Fandoms!

Hey Epic Geeks,

As you know, I brought back old prompts from 5 Fandom Friday while the hosts are on hiatus. You can find more information on my 5 Fandom Friday: Apocalypse Team post. You can find all previous (and future) prompts on the original 5 Fandom Friday post. However, for a new month comes new prompts, here are the updates dates for old prompts as I also showed in my 5  Fandom Friday: Geek Foods post.

November 4th: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better (2014)
November 11th: Apps I Can’t Live Without (2014) OR Favorite Seasonal Foods (2015)
November 18th: Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast (2014) OR Fandoms I’m Thankful For (2015)
November 25th: Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For (2014) OR Black Friday NEEDS (2015)

This week I am naming five fandoms that I am thankful for!


Doctor Who is so amazing and it definitely on my list of THANK YOUs. Every Doctor is amazing and has qualities that you just connect with but so do the companions. Each episode has some sort of lesson of sorts. It’s fun and sometimes scary. The show is overall family friendly and is for all ages. Though I didn’t grow up with Doctor Who, Zach knows that our future kids will. I’m thankful for Doctor Who as a whole. It’s gotten me through some tough times and has been with me through some really long nights.


Marvelverse might be counted as cheating but deal with it. I can’t just choose one. The Marvel franchise is just amazing and has been in my entire life. I love that they’re making a ton of solo movies and Netflix shows now. Marvel is yet again something that I can share with Zach and continue with my own family forever. I love it all so much. Of course there’s some things *cough* Deadpool movie *cough* that should wait until kids are much later but most Marvel is very family friendly but enjoyable even without kids.


DC comics is also on the list. I grew up with DC in my life as well and I have to say, it’s amazing having it in my on going life as well. I am so thankful for how accepting our society is of the comic world now. There is definitely still judgement but access to all of our geeky loves are definitely more open. As I said above, so many shows and movies are coming out and that’s not just Marvel exclusive. DC has Flash, Arrow, and also Supergirl on television and also some amazing movies releases such as Suicide Squad.


I’m so thankful for Once Upon A Time. This one might seem a little odd, but it’s really because it brought fairy tales back into my life. I didn’t watch Once Upon A Time until 2015 which was late into the fandom but I caught up quickly and fell for it even faster. I love all of the character development and the magic it brings into the world. Thank you for bringing back fairy tales and magic!


Last but not least, thank you Harry Potter for a million reasons. I love Harry Potter, the books, the movies, the magic. I was late to join the wizarding world but I am so happy to be a part of it, so thank you for the non-judgemental welcoming spirit. The community is great and J.K. Rowling is an amazing author. Thank you so much for keeping the magic alive and of course everything else. Just thank you for everything!


What fandoms are you thankful for? Are any of them the same as mine? Let me know why in the comments below!

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and stuff yourself with amazing foods. If you’re travelling, travel safe.

In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,