5 Fandom/Funko Friday Mashup: Thank You Fandom Wishlist

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from those links allow me purchase and give Funkos a home on my bookshelf. At no extra cost to you, using my link can give a warm home to a homeless Funko.

Hey Epic Geeks,

Last week, I made a 5 Fandom Friday post about Fandoms I’m Thankful For. Since this week was Thanksgiving, I’m following up with a Funko Friday. I’m going to share five POPs I would love to add to my collection that correlate the five fandoms I shared last week!

First, I would love to add the TARDIS Funko POP to my collection. Even though I don’t have any of the Doctors or companions, I think having the TARDIS first would be great. Why? One, I can have other characters standing in the TARDIS. Two, one of the twelve (almost thirteen) Doctors may try to come hunt it down. Three, who doesn’t want to own the TARDIS?

For the Marvel addition, I want to add the unmasked Deadpool. There are so many Deadpool variations. It would take forever to collect them all. I would love to start off with such a unique version though. I think this version of Deadpool is also another reminder that he’s not perfect. People don’t always remember that he’s scarred head to toe (some people don’t even realize this). I love that Marvel makes characters that are relatable to everyone so this is yet another reason to thank them.

I really wanted to let some of the DC television shows shine in these posts and let me say that Arrow is really shining this season. I would absolutely love to add Felicity Smoak to my POP collection. Look at how adorable she is! She is one of my all time favorite characters in Arrow. She’s developed so much over the seasons and I cannot wait to see more.

I’m following Felicity with another strong female character. Once Upon A Time was the next fandom I was thankful for and the next POP I would like to add to my collection is Belle. I’ve loved Belle since her first appearance. I think part of that is due to my love for The Beauty and The Beast (and retellings) but another portion is just the character within herself. This POP is so beautiful. I love how she has a dagger unsheathed and hair tied back, so ferocious. Her beast is showing.

The next POP I’d like to add to my collection is actually new to the entire Harry Potter POP collection. It was just added November of 2017; Mad-Eye Moody. I absolutely love Mad-Eye as a character but my main reason for wanting this POP is aesthetics. Look how gorgeous the POP itself is! Look at that eye! Look at all of the scars and the detail. I’m trying not to fangirl as I write this. I’m pretty sure when I saw the pre-purchase for this POP I sent it to at least three people and I don’t even have a big collection. I can’t even imagine what enthusiasts did.


Though I made this a wishlist of sorts, I really wanted to make an excuse to extend more thanks to some amazing fandoms. The more I post about them, the more the word is spread about this culture. Fandoms have been here through the good, bad, and ugly (and ugly tears, let’s be real). This isn’t just for me. This is for everyone I’m sure. So again, a huge thanks to all of the fandoms, creators, and anyone else out there that have made all of this happen. Never forget!

In the meantime, keep calm, and stay epic,