6 on 6; Blue (AUGUST)

Hey Epic Geeks,

6 on 6: Silver (APRIL)

6 on 6: Green (MAY)

6 on 6: Brown (JUNE)

6 on 6: Yellow (JULY)

“6 on 6” is a monthly post that was started by the sweetheart named Emma over at Scruffy Little Nerd Herder.  6 on 6’s concept is posting six images of (nerdy) items that correspond with that month’s color on the sixth of the month. She explains everything on the original 6 on 6 welcome post. Go check it out and her other stuff too because she’s adorable and amazing and so sweet. Go check it out. All of it. But not before you finish checking out this short post and then check out her new thing called 5 on 15! It’s an awesome photography post that she started for this year!

August 6 on 6

A few landscapes. A hedgehog. A selfie on a walk. A dratini on a Pokemon adventure. There’s my 6 on 6 a few days late.

What’s your 6 on 6 this month?


Keep calm,

Stay epic,