6 on 6; Brown (JUNE)

“6 on 6” is a monthly post that was started by the amazing Emma over at Scruffy Little Nerd Herder. Every month, I plan to flatter her more and more with my intro and maybe senpai will notice me. Last month, I fangirled so hard when she added me back on snapchat. Now I get to see her adorable face and nerdy adventures.  Anyway,  6 on 6’s concept is posting six images of (nerdy) items that correspond with that month’s color on the sixth of the month. She explains everything on the original 6 on 6 welcome post. This month’s color theme is brown.

ONE. My first one isn’t necessarily nerdy but I’m pretty sure every nerd (or every person, or anyone that’s busy, or well… any one) loves this.


Since summer is coming (said in my best, “Winter is coming” voice), I want to through out my appreciation for iced coffee more than anything right now.

Good morning. #mondaycoffee #icedcofee #livelaughlovelife

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TWO. For those of you who don’t know, Zach and I are extremely (aka a few seasons) behind on Supernatural. So, the last couple weeks, we’ve been catching up.

I am loving season nine and the opening just so happens to have a lot of browns and textures in it. So why not add Supernatural as our number two?

Supernatural season 9 opening


THREE. Every month, I have made it a mini-goal to include one of my cats in 6 on , because well… why not?

Neko just happens to have various browns and oranges and other colors in her fur.

#catsofinstagram #nekothecat #calico #catlover #neko

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FOUR. I’m halfway done and now I’m struggling. I really don’t have much brown.

I have to sneak in the amazing game Overwatch in some sort of way. Tracer is a pretty fun character to play. She’s not my most-played, but she does have a lot of browns in her outfit. If you’ve not heard her backstory, go look it up. 😉

“Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!”


FIVE. My next one actually was featured in my Free Comic Book Day Haul..

Look at all of my lovely Tomb Raider comics. <3

Tomb Raider Comics

SIX. Last, but definitely not least… the lovely Christmas present I got Zach… Monopoly: World of Warcraft  Collector’s Edition.

Resized_20151225_181858 Resized_20151225_182134











Be sure to check out any other 6 on 6 posts you see. They will be everywhere for the next few days


What brown, nerdy items do YOU have? Comment down below.


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