6 on 6; Green (MAY)

“6 on 6” is a monthly post that was started by the amazing Emma over at Scruffy Little Nerd Herder. She is just so adorable and such a doll. She even streams occasionally (I think she will be more often now?) on her Twitch ChannelAnyway, I got off topic talking about Emma. 6 on 6’s concept is posting six images of (nerdy) items that correspond with that month’s color on the sixth of the month. She explains everything on the original 6 on 6 welcome post. I’m just lame and posting mine a feeeewwwww days late due to family emergencies. I had it all ready on the 6th though! Just not the post …

So, I don’t have very many pictures because I was in a rush and Neko, my adorably annoying baby kitty, decided she wanted to be one of the six.Pokemon POP harry potter TMNT mario

On the left, you can see a whole bunch of my old Pokemon stuff that I actually took out of a box. I only included things that were green…

On the right, you can see Neko moving my nicely set up other-five.

Neko cat
“Look mommy, my eyes are green. Do they count?”

I love this picture of her, but she just wouldn’t leave the items alone.


Anyway, my six items… seven if you count the kitty.

Random Pokemon Stuff


Green Mario “1-UP Mushroom” shirt

Loot Crate Exclusive POP! Groot

TMNT Figure (Loot Crate)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


I have to cut this short and lacking a few pictures but I wanted to get it up as soon as possible. Here’s another kitty picture.



Keep calm,