6 six word stories!

I’ve been extremely busy and dealing with a lot lately… I wanted to give you all SOMETHING even though I have some bigger posts I need to put out that have to do with the awesome Nikki Gillette and also Loot Crate, of course. But in the mean time, here’s a few six word original stories! If they’re similar to anything you’ve seen, I’m sorry, but I promise I’m actually writing these as I go!

6 six word stories header

“Just take care of my boy.”

“Broken violin, sheet music scattered, silence.”

“My mind changed as blood spilled.”

“Small action, big guilt, forever regret”

“Happily ever after… said the angel.”

“Two sounds: flat line, newborn cries.”



Sooo these got a little more…….. serious? than I thought they would. Which one is your favorite? Do you like posts like this? Share your own six word story below!


Keep calm,