7 Funko POP! figures I want! pt. 1 (Harley Quinn edition)

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The more I see all of the amazing POP posts that some of my lovely fellow bloggers have made make me want some Funkos more and more. However, what better start my want-list than to start with my dear Harley Quinn. So here are seven different Harley Quinn Funko POP! figures that I would eventually like to have …


Funko DC Comics POP! Harley Quinn with Mallet
Funko DC Comics POP Harley Quinn with Mallet


Funko POP Heroes: Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley Quinn
Funko POP Heroes Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley Quinn


Funko POP! Batman: Arkham Knight – Harley Quinn
Funko Batman Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn POP Action Figure


Funko POP! Roller Derby – Harley Quinn
Funko POP Roller Derby Harley Quinn Action Figure


Funko POP Heroes: Harley Quinn Action Figure

Funko POP Heroes Harley Quinn Action Figure


Now the first five are really easy to get a hold of… these next two are $30 or more, but look how precious they are!!


Funko Pop METALLIC Harley Quinn Conquest Comics Exclusive DC # 34

Funko Pop METALLIC HARLEY QUINN Conquest Comics Exclusive DC # 34


Funko Pop! DC Heroes #45 Pink Hearts Harley Quinn (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Funko Pop! DC Heroes #45 Pink Hearts Harley Quinn (Hot Topic Exclusive)


So, do you own any of these precious Funkos? Do you know of any of Harley Quinn POP! figures? I found a black and white one but couldn’t find it purchasable.

Until next time, and more POP! wants.


Keep Calm,


  • I want the Nurse Harley because I have a cosplay of that! And I want the Pink and White Harley too!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • I cosplay my own variation on Harley. I just love the background of the character so much. A coworker of mine has the Nurse Harley and it’s just so amazing. I wish I could find a Harleen Quinzel POP! Figure. It’d just be perfection.

  • Dee

    The original B:TAS Harley will always be my fave.

    • I definitely love it. I found a black and white one that is pretty awesome too but it’s an exclusive from somewhere and much harder to find.

  • There are SOOOOOOO many Harleys!

    • Right? I love them though! Harley is a great character if you know her backstory, she’s not just mainstream as so many believe. She has so many costumes throughout, it’s hard not to have multiples!

  • I’d love to have the Pink Harley!

  • I have the Roller Derby Harley! Fun Fact: I used to roller derby and my name was Harley Hellrazer! (Harley cause: Harley Quinn and motorcycles, Hellrazer cause love those movies and I’m the hellraiser of my family)

    • That is so awesome! I never got a chance to roller derby. Did you enjoy it?
      Harley Hellrazer is a great name and an even better reason to get an amazing POP.

      Random thought: Roller Derby Harley would be a fun cosplay if wearing skates was allowed.

  • Totally want to see if they come up with a Harley from Suicide Squad. I think they well – I’d want that one for sure. But I think the next one would be the top one with the classic red and black suit and mallet. Love these!

  • I have the Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley, but that pink one is blowin my mind! Totally adorable!

    • Honestly, before looking some of them up, I had never seen the pink one and fell in love!

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