A little bit of everything… Loot crate… etc.

I had a lot going on this last couple weeks. This week was unusually just… tough? I don’t know. This month has been extremely busy.

Anime Milwaukee

Anime Milwaukee Harley Quin Anime Milwaukee Badge


Loot Crate

Anyway… this month, I haven’t posted my loot crate this month, which I really really enjoyed. It was versus and had some awesome things like this beanie…


and Loot Crate exclusive HARLEY QUINN COMIC. Yes. <3

Loot Crate Exclusive Harley Quinn


Easter in Springfield, MO

Easter was pretty fun, regardless how stressed I was before hand, as you can see in my Why I dead family get-togethers post.

We went to 1984, an arcade that is only $7 to play all day. It’s awesome, as always.

20160326_191818 20160326_192028 20160326_200152

We all posed for Polaroids for being out of towners. Here’s mine and Zach’s developing. Go to 1984 in Springfield and find the picture up on the wall!

Polaroid developing

We had our annual Easter Egg Contest.

Easter Eggs

Can you guess the winner or which ones mine? I was not the winner haha.


Sorry for the all over post. I just wanted to get everything out there and updated rather than feeling behind and like I’m not getting anything done.


So keep calm,



  • The arcade place seems cool! Are you from the Milwaukee Area? My boyfriend is from there so I have been to Milwaukee all the time. It seems like you had fun at the convention!

    • I’m so sorry. For some reason, your comment (along with some others) got marked spam and I never saw them until now.

      The arcade is so much fun. So sad that it’s down in Springfield, MO. I only get to go once a year at Easter.

      I’m actually from the Quad Cities (IA/IL). Milwaukee is about a three and a half out drive. We went up for Anime Milwaukee. Probably going there next year too.

  • Sorry you had a rough week, but I’m glad you were able to have some fun, too! I wish we had an arcade in my town! Or maybe not….I’d be there all the time and never get anything done, hahah.

    • It’s okay. The arcade isn’t in our town. We have an arcade bar here but I’m not 21 til september. The arcade were at was pretty chill so if I was a college student in that town, I’d probably do my homework at a table and play games on my break from studying. Also, free WiFi so woooooo.

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • That arcade looks amazing 😀 I would so live there if there was one local. I’m loving the look of this month’s Lootcrate as well, and that LSP egg is AMAZING! I wish I had thought about egg decorating for Easter. I’d have made a whole box of Adventure Time eggs..

    • I love the arcade, sadly, it’s over seven hours away from me. We go every year for Easter though. It’s soooo much fun. I never really got to go to an arcade as a kid due to money… and when I did, I had to be careful of what I played because I could only have so many tokens.
      My cousin made that egg and I think it got second, but that is definitely the most mentioned egg. Next time I talk to him, I’ll let him know it was so loved. My sister got him the star to top it off. (:
      We always have a egg contest. I would love to see that box of eggs though. 😉
      I only decorated one and did it in about five minutes. I ran out of time before the trip. Zach didn’t actually decorate any this year, he got caught up in Pokemon cards with one of the little ones.

  • That LSP egg tho D: hahahahah

    • She got second, sadly. The first person to reply to my random messages sent out was the dragon egg.

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