a-MAY-zing Selfie Confidence

Hey Epic Geeks,

Back in March, I did my first month of “Selfie Confidence”. Let’s just say it was a huge success and I loved it. April I took a break but I have to say, I missed my challenge. I didn’t do my hair as often. I didn’t feel as good about myself. I didn’t feel as engaged with my audience. I know March helped my self confidence raise immensely, especially without make up on. I even streamed with a bare face one day!

I didn’t create any prompts this month, though in the future I do plan on it.

Challenge: Take a selfie every day in May

Keep up with my daily selfies on Facebook,  Instagram (personal @3picfied), or Twitter!


  • No filters than change how you look.
    • E.g., no beautify on Samsung, no Snapchat filters that change your eye size, face shape, skin, etc, no instagram filters (other than black and white)
  • Post on a social media platform with hashtags #aMAYzingmay AND #SelfieConfidence (or #aMAYzingselfieconfidence)
  • Tag me @Epicfied regardless of social media
  • Be creative!
    • If you get bored with taking selfies, take a selfie in the reflection of a puddle or sunglasses.

When? May 1st–May 31st


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,