A noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away (Short story/creative writing)

Noise and silence

Prompt: A noise – or even a silence – that won’t go away. (I don’t remember which generator I got this from a month or so ago)

Looking around, she sees a hundred… two hundred people crammed into the cafeteria. The noise of what quiz Mr. So-and-so assigned or how horrible the English homework was. Who cared? In five years, who really cared? None of it mattered. Sitting in the corner. All of the noise buzzed, white noise. Like static on a TV. After so long, the noise annoyed her, but she can ignore it.

That white noise, though it wouldn’t go away, wasn’t what make her ache… what made her feel so… alone. The buzz of her thoughts of worry. The buzz of the anxiety. None of that was what made her shiver for no reason. None of that was what bothered her so much. The noise in the cafeteria was annoying, not because of the obnoxious comments, but because she was lonely.

The real noise that wouldn’t go away… was the silence. The loneliness. The various conversations annoyed her so much … because she was never invited into them. She sat in a corner. There were people at her table… They were her friends, or used to be. Now, she just sat against the cool wall listening to then laugh and talk until the bell rang. Then she could be free from that loneliness that was derived from sitting with her “friends”. The real noise was the loneliness. The sadness that lurked from good memories she used to be invited to be a part of…


(Here’s a short little post for today… figured it was something different, but that’s what random days are for! Keep calm, Epic)