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Who is “Epicfied”?

Kayla Cox Epicfied Book Blogger

Though my screen name is usually Epicfied, my name is actually Kayla. Can you believe it? I have a name. I’m in my twenties. I’m a Virgo.

I’m many things; geek, blogger, Slytherpuff, reader, writer, gamer, introvert, anxious mess, fanatic, music lover, dreamer, fangirl, YouTuber, and enthusiast. Or, at least, that’s what my Twitter says.

Slytherpuff? Yes. That’s a Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Early 2017, I had a crisis. I had been Slytherin all my life but out of curiosity, I retook the sorting quiz and it made me a Hufflepuff, WHAT?? At first, I was in denial. After a little time, I owned the title Slytherpuff because really, both houses are amazing. Some days I’m more Slytherin but now, if I’m being honest, most days I’m more Hufflepuff (and if you’re curious, my fiance is totally a Gryffindor).

I have two cats; Pepsi (Slytherin) and Neko (Hufflepuff). I also have four spikey floofs aka hedgehogs; Mystique (Ravenclaw), King Boo (Hufflepuff), Luna (Probably Gryffindor), and Tonks (Cranky Hufflepuff).

What is “Epicfied”?

When I was about 13 years old, I coined the phrase “epicfy”. Normally, I used it in sentences as follows, “I need to go epicfy my hair”. Since then, I started using “Epicfied” as my username and eventually gamer tag.  It’s amazing how a name that defines you can become you. Epicfied is not only my name across platforms, but it’s also my brand. This site is mainly a book blog, but you’ll see old posts from when it used to be a lifestyle blog. Not to forget, I also love to share my geeky interests now and then.

Epicfied is a major supporter of indie authors and self-published books. I love to spread the word and love. All reviews, self-pub and traditional pub, are completely honest.


Who is my website hoster?

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Are you an Amazon Affiliate?

Yes. All of my Amazon links are affiliate links and the reason why I have an affiliate disclaimer on most of my posts. I make a small percentage of what you purchase but without you paying more! Anything purchased from my affiliate links (even if it’s not what I linked) is really appreciated and completely anonymous for you.

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Where can you be found?

All of my social media is in the sidebar, but you can find me @epicfied pretty much everywhere or just click the links below.

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Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. Anything I post, share, or comment on will never reflect on any job/career I hold.