About Epicfied

Hey everyone. I’m Kayla. Epicfied is my gamer tag and main identity throughout the internet. It all started with silly thirteen year old me saying “I need to go Epicfy my hair”… Epic to Epicfy to Epicfied! So I figured, what better URL for my personal/life blog?
I’m in my twenties. Does my age really matter for now? I am engaged to the love of my life, best friend, and amazing person, Zach. We actually met through gaming and you will definitely hear more about our relationship throughout posts (like my first post)! Most posts regarding Zach and I or our life (and love life) will be under the “Love Life, Wedding, Just Us!” tab.
I think I’ll be writing mainly about my life experiences (good and bad), my love for the geek life, and later along the road, I’ll be branching out to different blogs and possibly YouTube.
I hope you enjoy and please let me know if there’s any content that you’d like to see more of!




Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. Anything I post, share, or comment on will never reflect on any job/career I hold. Any pictures posted are taken by myself unless otherwise stated.