About Epicfied

Who is “Epicfied”?

My name is actually Kayla. Can you believe it? I have a name. I’m in my twenties. I’m engaged. You know, all of that jazz. Fun story, we actually met gaming, now we’re best friends in love and soon to be married. I’m a … geek, blogger, Slytherpuff, reader, writer, gamer, introvert, anxious mess, fanatic, music lover, dreamer, fangirl, YouTuber, and enthusiast. Or, at least, that’s what my Twitter says.

I have two cats; Pepsi and Neko. I also have four spikey floofs aka hedgehogs; Mystique, (King) Boo, Luna, and Tonks.

What is “Epicfied”?

When I was about 13 years ago, I coined the phrase “epicfy”. Normally, I used it in sentences as follows, “I need to go epicfy my hair”. Since then, I started using “Epicfied” as my username and eventually gamer tag.  It’s amazing how a name that defines you can become you. Epicfied is not only my name across platforms, but it’s also my brand. This site is mainly a book blog, but you’ll see old posts from when it used to be a lifestyle blog. Not to forget, I also love to share my geeky interests now and then.

Epicfied is a major supporter of indie authors and self-published books. I love to spread the word and love. All reviews, self-pub and traditional pub, are completely honest.



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. Anything I post, share, or comment on will never reflect on any job/career I hold. Any pictures posted are taken by myself unless otherwise stated.