August Wishlist

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Hey Epic Geeks,

I think I’m going to start doing this every month and putting together a little wish list that I want every month. I am not really sure if I’ll get anything but I’ll definitely let you know on my twitter or instagram if I do! Let’s jump right in!


There are two adorable portable phone chargers I want (and a bonus charger). All are in the theme of Pokemon for very obvious adventure worthy reasons.

First is this Pokeball portable charger. I really liked this one because it also lights up which is great for at night and  had a clip to attach to your keys, which for me is almost a must. The look is almost futurist which gives it a nice vibe from the traditional Pokeball as well. Only downside is it’s only 6000mAh.


If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper Poekball and higher mAh, go for this Pokeball portable charger. 12000 mAh… Double the last one. Quite frankly and honestly, I’ll probably pick this one up even though it had some down sides… Sadly, I don’t think it has a key chain and it only has three small LED lights. I still love the look though. It’s much more simplistic. (PS, this is the bonus one)

Okay, and now look at this adorable Pikachu Portable Charger. Isn’t this just … perfection? He has 10000mAh, some LED lights (his cheeks even light up!) and sings! What is this world coming to? This is just cute. I can’t catch a pikachu in the game… might as well buy one…


Now to move on to some wants that AREN’T Pokemon related.


I really want a the Marvel Funk POP: Classic Mystique right now. She’s more expensive than Suicide Harley Quinn though. I want them both. Neither are expensive compared to some collector Funkos. Both of these gals are right around $10 and under.


There’s a couple little geeky things that I want this month. What are your geeky insides wanting? Let me know in the comments below!


Keep calm, stay epic,