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August Wrap Up | 2017

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Hey Epic Geeks,

I was so shocked that last month and the day I started writing this is my birthday. WHAT? In the month of August, I was more focused on my writing skills than my reading for pleasure. This past month I managed to read two books on writing and four books for pleasure.

Let’s just hop right into August’s wrap up!

Unravel Me and Ignite Me

unravel me tahereh mafi cover ignite me tahereh mafi cover

I started the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi in July. In august, I finished the new two in the trilogy; Unravel Me and Ignite Me. Continued throughout the series, Mafi did a wonderful job balancing the main character on the brink of insanity. I enjoyed the series but honestly … it’s nothing special. Some of the characters fell into YA tropes and this weird love triangle and family drama occurred. I rated them all 4 stars on Goodreads.


truthwitch susan dennard cover

In August, I also finally picked up the novel Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. I loved this book. The concept behind the different kinds of witches is what I love the most. Having nothing but the truth from someone can be so powerful. Only truth is such a powerful and scary idea for many however what if that’s not how it works? I cannot wait to wrap up my current reads to pick up the second book Windwitch.

The Bride of Glass

bride of glass candace robinson cover

On September 1st, The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson. I had the pleasure of reading it early and announcing the cover! Go check out my full review of The Bride of Glass if you would like more information. All of my review have a non-spoiler and a spoiler section.

If you want to purchase The Bride of Glass, the ebook is only $2.99 and the paperback is only $9.99 on Amazon!

My next two books have to deal with writing!

The Art of Fiction

the art of fiction henry james cover

The Art of Fiction by Henry James is a book on … well … the art of fiction. It’s all about writing fiction. If you’re an author and any type of writer, I definitely do suggest reading this. I’m so back and forth on how to rate this book. I found it due to looking for books all writers should read and this is one of them!

The Zen of Blogging

the zen of blogging daniel welsch cover
The Zen of Blogging by Daniel Welsch is an ebook I found on Amazon for $3.49. I actually think I got it on sale and then paid for it with digital credit. This book is much more laid back vs. The Art of Fiction. It’s closer to reading a blog than a book. Daniel does a great job at giving a lot of information while also being funny. He’s open about his journey in making money in the publishing and blogging world.


I have a question and would love to start a conversation

First off, what did you read this month?

What are your go-to books on writing (or any other craft you enjoy)?

Also. Would you like it if I split my wrap ups into genre?


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,