Book Exchange with VivaciousHobo

Yayyyy, it’s Word Wordnesday! … I’m just going to leave that typo in there, but for those of you who don’t know. It’s supposed to be Word Wednesday… maybe I should just call it Wordnesday. hm… Nah, that’s lame.

Book exchange with VivaciousHobo

Anyway, what would possibly be better for a Word Wednesday than to be talking about the awesome book exchange I did with the lovely Kaitlin over at VivcaiousHobo (go check her out).

After looking at her blog, I contacted her wanting to know if she’d be willing to do a book exchange with little ol’ me. I think I had maybe one or two posts at this point. We talked about it and got to know each other a little better and jumped straight to it.

I sent her a book I bought on Amazon from her goodreads list. It’s really hard to find a book that you already have for someone who seems to have read everything. Seriously. Her owns list is huge!

I wish I could’ve wrapped it all pretty and sent it with a cute little letter or something like that. However, I wanted to get it to her as soon as possible! She didn’t know what book I sent her.

A few days later, I opened up my mails box. I was soooo excited to see this bright pink package with Epicfied written on it. I have NEVER gotten a piece of mail addressed Epicfied … I was ecstatic. She knew my full name, so it was a complete shock (thank you!) .

Epicfied package stamps

At first, I put the package on desk. I will have restraint. I won’t open it until I write the post on Wednesday. Wellll let’s just say that the next day, I wasn’t having the greatest day, so I let her brighten it up again. I sat on the love seat in our computer room and tried to open it up carefully… It’s not that easy when it’s packaged really well!

Anyway, look at the packaging. How could I resist?? She had adorable stickers and it was just so cute and nicely packaged and I loved it. Even Zach loved it!

We had talked about it before but I completely forgot what she sent, so it was a whole new surprise.

VivaciousHobo book exchange package

The lovely package included two books, She-Hulk and Wastelands, as well as a business card and some cute sticky notes to go along with them (I moved the She Hulk one to cover my address better).

Wastelands sticky note

Wastelands is actually a collection of authors put together for stories of the apocalypse. I am super excited to read this and cannot wait. I’m trying to finish the current book I’m reading before I start another one… I might not be able to wait because one of the many authors featured is Stephen King… which is one of my favorite authors ever.

Her sticky note read “I really liked The End of the Whole Mess, Bread + Bombs, and How we got in town + out again”. I’ll probably read the book in order or her recommendations first. A full review of this will come! (:

She hulk sticky note

We had talked about She-Hulk because we’re both Marvel fans. I’m, obviously, super excited for the book swap as well! Thank you again for being awesome enough to do this with me, Kaitlin!

Vivacious Hobo business card

And last, but not least, here’s the picture of her business card… I’ll ask her for a much better quality one. Apparently I was shaking when I took this picture, oops.

Here’s all of her links, go follow her and tell her how amazing she is!
Twitter @VivaciousHobo


Thanks for reading everyone. And thank you, thank you, thank you, Kaitlin, for doing this book exchange with me. I can’t wait for what else to come! (: