Book Review Introduction


Good morning Epic Geeks,


I’m so excited to share the news that I’m will be regularly share book reviews. As you know, I’m reading a lot of books every single month. For example twelve books just in October. My “Books I Finished” series will continue and you’re more than welcome to request any book reviews for books you see listed there OR for me to read a book just for my opinion and review. I really hope to bring you a weekly review, but that’s a hope, not a promise as time is definitely a concern. Eventually, I’d love to write more book reviews and start a YouTube channel.


In these book reviews, you’ll find a rating system, a non-spoiler section, and a spoiler section. These sections will include my emotional response to the book, my thoughts on the character development, and anything else I feel fit. The “spoiler section” will be more of a book discussion and if you join in the comments PLEASE start your comments with “SPOILERS” in the first line, thank you.


My rating system will be the same as Goodreads to keep it nice and simple. Feel free to befriend me on Goodreads and see my instant rating before I write a full review if I write one. This also will allow you to constantly keep up with what I’m reading!

5: It was amazing. I will more than likely be willing to re-read this. Well-written. Probably a favorite author.

4: Really like it. The book was good, but not so amazing that I would read it multiple times. Well-written but lacking in one or more areas.

3: Liked it. I liked it. Easy read. Probably lacked in multiple areas but wasn’t a bad read. Unlikely to re-read.

2: It was okay. Will not re-read. Lacking it multiple areas. Not well-written or not worth recommending.

1: Did not like it. Do not recommend. Will not re-read. Lacks content. Poorly written.

That’s a basic breakdown of the rating scale. Chances are, if I’m reading it, the book will receive between a three and five rating because I had interest in the book and probably read other reviews.


Feel free to go back through my Goodreads and let me know if there’s any books you’d like to have a review on!


In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,