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Books I Finished (August)

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Books I Finished August

Hey Epic Geeks.


This past month I found a ton of great recommendations. Let’s get straight to it but first, my previous posts in this series are posted below. Soon enough, I won’t be able to list them all, oh my. Also, I’ve been trying to keep my goodreads (My Profile) up to date.

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First, I finished Harley Quinn Halloween Comicfest #1 by Amanda Conner. I think it was created to promote Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Hot in the City (The New 52) by Jimmy Palmiotti illustrated by Amanda Conner. The illustration is absolutely fantastic and it brings out the roller derby side of Harley Quinn quite a bit. I just loved it so much. I actually read most of it while sitting in a doctor’s office.

Matched trilogy by Allie Condie

 Matched is the first book of three in the trilogy by Allie Condie. If you like futurist, Utopian stories, you’ll love this. The society controls everything, what you eat, read, watch… everything. It reminds me of Divergent, in a sense. Everything is technology based and rationed. This was such a wonderful book that just sucked me in for more. I couldn’t stop with the first one. I had to continue. However, if the first book isn’t your favorite, continue… in my opinion, they got much much better.

 Crossed is the second book to Allie Condie’s trilogy.

 Reached is the final book of the trilogy.


Okay, now for my favorite book if the month. I actually just finished this.

 Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is just… amazing. There is action. Any “romance” has a reason in the plot… not just for the sake of bringing in readers. I think it’d be considered a dystopian story but in general, it just was a nice refreshing story. Basically, Mare finds out she’s not a normal “red” like all of the others and ends up with powers and has to hide and play a part in the middle of a royal family. She could easily slip or blood could literally show and her life could end. The book is just amazing and I want to talk so much more with you all.


In my monthly posts, I don’t want to give away spoilers, but I’d love to give reviews and have book chats. Who would be interested in Youtube book reviews or possibly Twitter chats? Give your opinions or suggestions down below! Would you be interested in that?

What did you read this month? Have any suggestions?


Keep calm and stay epic,