Books I Finished (July) – Fall Away Series; Penelope Douglas

Books I Finished JULY

Hey Epic Geeks.

I’m so excited that I’m just one month away from being half a year of doing this series. Woooo!

This month was an okay month but let’s just say I finished an entire series and I looooved it… though it’s an adult series so all you youngins, get out of here. 😉 Just kidding, just go check out the other months below.

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This month was all audio books and really I only finished four books. The series was Fall Away by Penelope Douglas. Later I realized there’s actually 6 total (7 if you count bonus content)… a “1.5” and a “4.5”. Something I loved about these books was that each book was narrated by two different people back and forth. The first book was Tate and Jared. Second was Madoc and Fallon. Third book was K.C. and Jax. The fourth book circles back to Tate and Jared to wrap the series up which was perfect in my eyes. These six people are intertwined in their own special ways throughout. I just loved the set up and so many things in the books hit me on a personal level. They were really well written and captured each personality in my opinion.

I loved seeing the characters grow together and apart and back together throughout the series. It was just amazing. I need to go back and read Until You and I’m definitely excited for Next to Never to release. I didn’t realize until this post that Adrenaline even desisted much less that it was only 99 cents so that’s a need now.

Entire series:


Until You


Falling Away


Next to Never … expected to be released January 17th, 2017

Adrenaline: A Fall Away Series Bonus Content Collection  ONLY $0.99!


That’s all I read in July. I was slightly slacking. I’m fine with it though because I found a great author and a great series. What did you read last month?


Keep calm and stay epic,