Candylens Review (Circle Lenses)

I’m absolutely excited. I was going to write about something completely different today… but again mail changed my mind.

Almost a month ago, a friend and I bought two sets of circle lenses from for cosplay purposes. I’m finishing up my Harley Quinn cosplay for Comic Con Cedar Rapids next week end. Luckily, the contacts came in first.

For a little backstory, I have green-brown hazel eyes. I have never worn circle lenses before (I have worn prescription contacts though). I plan on trying various circles lenses out in the future. Fingers crossed on my eye color working well!

Now for the review and and pictures!

I want to start this review off with the fact that their customer service was actually really nice. I had some issues with my bank to begin with due to it being out of Malaysia, however, their customer service was great on that and on shipping.

Sadly, their shipping did take almost a month, however, I knew that it might in the beginning. So not disappointed there. I’m just happy their in before Comic Con Cedar Rapids!


I’m going to update with pictures tomorrow (Sunday, January 31st!)


Alright, so today, I put the contacts in for a few hours. First off, I haven’t worn contacts in years. The first night I tried to put them in, I just couldn’t. Some of that was because I was super shakey, but otherwise, I just couldn’t. Today, I didn’t have too many issues.

I loooooove the color of the circle lenses. At first I didn’t… but that’s because I had it in the wrong way by accident aaaaand please note, that also makes the lens shirt a lot. You will notice if you have the lenses in the wrong way. It’s not comfortable at all.

73462Here, you can see the blue is super vibrant all the way to the edge. It looks horribly fake. This is because my circle lens was actually inside out… It was super uncomfortable and shifted constantly. Luckily, my lovely friend pointed out “is it in the right way?”… one of the times I had cleaned the lens, I flipped it by accident, oops!


7349Here, I had my Harley Quinn wig on and my make up done. The lenses are flipped the correct way and were actually really comfortable to wear. I will definitely be able to wear them all day on Saturday for comic day!


Thanks for reading and please, feel free to ask any questions. I’ll definitely be buying from Candy Lens again next time I need circle lenses.