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Therapy Goals | Therapy Diary Entry 02

Music: Meg Meyers playlist on YouTube (Go check out Leah Chiasson’s patreon because she’s reminding me of music I miss <3) Mood: Good, I think Monday night was my first therapy session and I think it went decently well. Definitely wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I didn’t die, so that was good. My… Continue reading Therapy Goals | Therapy Diary Entry 02

Mental Health · Therapy diary

Pre-therapy thoughts | Therapy Diary Entry 01

Music: Panic! At The Disco – Hallelujah/New Perspective/Whatever other Panic! came on YouTube while writing this Mood: Anxious/Excited/More Anxious I’m really nervous. I’ve told various people, and by various people I mean Zach, Hannah, and Leah, that I’m nervous. My first therapy session is today, March 6th. I’ve been working up to this day for… Continue reading Pre-therapy thoughts | Therapy Diary Entry 01

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Magical March Photo-a-day #SelfieConfidence

Hey Epic Geeks, For New Years, I did a goals and challenges set by myself and others rather than resolutions and I plan to stick to them. Kaitlin from Vivacious Hobo challenged me to take more selfies for self confidence. I had never thought of this being productive. In fact, I had always secretly shamed… Continue reading Magical March Photo-a-day #SelfieConfidence