“Control” Art Project | Therapy Diary Entry 03

Hey everyone,

Since I’ve been updating you all on my therapy process, I wanted to let you know how it’s been going. I’ve had a few sessions since my last post. I’m going weekly at the moment and it’s been going well.  My last session, she surprised me with an art project, which I later found out was about control. I had three pieces of paper and some Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils.

First drawing

For the first drawing, I had to draw a key. This could be literal or figurative.

Second drawing

For the second drawing, I had to draw something that the key could lock away. The key only works for me. I could lock away anything. This was really difficult for me because I believe in trust quite a bit. I was thinking very in depth on this. For example, if I used this as protection of my pets, I couldn’t pass off my key to a friend in the case of an emergency since the key only works for me.

I ended up drawing what the key is locking away, not what I wanted it to lock away. This is thing like thoughts and memories that I don’t always share immediately with people or even my therapist. This is things that I may not even think about or remember. These are things that haunt my past and only I can actually get to them, whether that’s by myself of with the help of others.

Third drawing

For the third drawing, I had to draw something my key could open. Again, the key only works for me. I draw a small lock box/treasure chest. However, the entire time, I was thinking of the theory behind the number 42, aka the answer to the universe from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe. The theory behind this is that when they asked “what is the answer to the universe?”, it was converted into a mathematical equation and came up with the answer 42. This ends up meaning that the answer to the universe is whatever you want it to be or need it to be at the time. So while drawing the box, I had this in mind. My box opens up and gives me whatever I need it to at the time, whether that be the answer to a question or just comfort.

This project is apparently about control. From what I see, especially about how many issues I have with coming up with the second answer, is that I need control? I’m not really sure. We keep referencing it here and there. I started this post the day after and I think I’ve had one or two sessions. Sorry for the blogging slump! Hope to see more of you soon!


Keep calm and stay epic,