Cube Personality Test | 2017

Hey Epic Geeks,

One year ago today, May 31st (yes, this is pre-written), I took the Cube Personality Test. Want to know how I know that? Facebook of course. I was really interested in the result differences. What’s changed in a year? I didn’t even remember what everything meant so I was going in blind just like the last time. My cube got a little biased though. Zach and I have been playing with my Canadian Rubik’s cube that my sister gifted me.

Imagine you’re walking through a desert … and you see a cube.

How big is the cube? Rubix cube size

What material is the cube┬ámade out of? … Plastic? It’s a Rubik’s cube.

How far is the cube from the ground? It’s sitting of the ground.

Somewhere near the cube, imagine a ladder …

Where is it in relation to the cube? It’s over the cube …

What is the ladder made out of? I imagined a wooden ladder (new and shiny), but when I had to think about it, I saw metal

Picture a horse next to the cube and ladder …

Is the horse wearing anything? Yes, reins and a saddle

What is the horse doing? Drinking from a water pale near the ladder (to the left and in front)

Imagine flowers in the scene …

How many are there? uhhhh 8 yellow daisies, and a few bloomed cacti are in focus

How far away from the cube are they? They’re close to the cube but not right not to it Kind of spread out, brightening up the scene

Lastly, there is a storm starting …

How close is it to the cube, ladder, horse, and flowers? It’s in the distance

Are you scared of it? No. It’s calming, like sitting on the back porch to watch it.


My ego is small, just like my Rubik’s cube. I’m not very open with people considering how opaque it is. If we put into the fact that it’s a Rubik’s cube … I don’t even know what to think. haha However, I’m very grounded since it’s on the ground.

I’m really close to my friends since my ladder is very close to the cube (it’s basically all around it!). My ladder is very sturdy and therefore my bonds with people are stronger.

I like control (in a stability manner, aka not wild) in a relationship since my horse has saddle and reins.

I want a few kids, since I had an okay amount of flowers, and I’m thinking about them, but not immediately.

The storm is stress. I’m not currently stressed at the moment since the storm is in the distance and I’m not scared.

Looking back, my results are definitely more clear, even when they’re similar. I think I’ve grown as a person in good ways. Any wildness in a relationship turned into needing stability. Someone to depend on, not just have fun. I still have that, of course. If you want to see my results from last year, check out my original Cube Personality Test post!

Questions for you

1. Do you like personality tests?

  • If yes, which one is your favorite?

2. Did you take the cube test? Were the results accurate?

3. What’s your favorite psychological show, movie, book, etc? (e.g., I love the show Lie to Me)


In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,