Daith Piercing for Migraines/Headaches (Pt 1)

I got my daith pierced last night. After a lot of research and some really odd coincidences, I finally decided to go ahead and get my daith pierced.

I got my Daith pierced

There’s a theory out there that daith piercings help headaches and migraines. They may not be a cure 100%, but some reduction of headaches or less frequency of migraines is possible. This is not scientifically proven, whoever, everyone’s experience is different. I went into this knowing that isn’t a 100% guarantee but I also said hey, it’s worth a shot! Not to mention it’s a super cute piercing. I was trying to keep a positive outlook (and still am trying to) because who knows, maybe the success if more due to the mindset (mind over matter) than anything!

I talked to a few artists before deciding on a shop. I wanted a shop that had knowledge on the possibility of helping with migraines. Not one that guaranteed it nor just shut away the idea completely.

I specifically messaged a few shops on facebook saying, “I’ve heard a lot about Daith piercing helping migraines (I’ve also read a lot about how it doesn’t.. or that it depends on the artist/specific spot). Do you have any information on this from personal experience of these piercings?”

The first shop that replied is actually the only shop I messaged that seemed to know anything about them.

Adam Wolfe from Bleeding Art Studio replied “Absolutely! As this piercing has become more popular in recent months, I have been asking my clients for their personal feedback on it as well. I can tell you that about 80% of the people I have asked have had significant improvement as far as reducing the number of migraines, and the strength of them. The piercing itself is through a pressure point which releases the toxins that cause the headaches. There are, however, some people that see little to no difference. Really it just depends from person to person. Hope this helps!!”

Any other questions I had/have, they are completely willing to answer.

Bleeding Art Studio is a tattoo/piercing studio in Moline, IL. They had great artists and were extremely helpful. Any questions asked were answered and their rates are extremely affordable for amazing work.

Awkward/bad picture of my piercing the night I got it
Awkward/bad picture of my piercing the night I got it

Getting the piercing

Crystal, a really good friend of mine, went with me. She didn’t want to get anything but she was excited to go with me and record it for me as well. The piercer (also a tattoo artist), Adam Wolfe, was extremely nice.

Sterilization 5/5

He was completely fine having me come to the room while he was sterilizing and setting up. Honestly, if he didn’t let me, I would have walked out. I’m just very picky on sterilization.

Experience 5/5

This is the third shop I’ve ever been to between tattoos and piercings. This was definitely the best shop piercing wise… I haven’t gotten a tattoo there so I wouldn’t know, however, I’m sure it’d be up there as well. Towards the end and after the piercing, he kept asking me if I was okay. Making sure that I wasn’t going to pass out… making sure that I was okay to drive, etc etc etc. Asked specific questions whether or not I was feeling hot or lightheaded. I said I was fine, etc. But still, he made sure that I wasn’t lying. So for that, and the experience overall, five out of five!

Pain 2/10 (Maybe?)

The pain really wasn’t bad at all. I hate the clamp, as always, but that’s about it. The clamp is extreme pressure and with the daith, it’s in a somewhat awkward spot on the ear. The needle itself maybe bumped the pain up to a 2.5 for a split second, but that’s all. The piercing wasn’t bad at all for me, but keep in mind, it’s different for everyone.  I was just glad for when the clamp was release. I slightly flinched once when he was either putting the curved bar in or the ball on… not sure which. Either way, it snagged a little bit and I wasn’t expecting it.


I extremely encourage with any piercing ear piercing to get it pierced with a labret (cartilage) or curved bar (daith, etc) if possible. I know my cartilage had a lot of issues with my hair snagging on the captive hoop. I made sure to get a curved barbell this time around with my daith piercing.


I had a great experience with the shop, artist, and piercing. So far, the piercing seems to be doing well. I’m super excited and I will update you all if it helps with headaches at all. Fingers crossed!

daith morning after
Daith piercing the morning after! Sorry for the bad picture


I’ll keep you all updated! Feel free to leave any questions down below. Do you have your daith pierced?


Keep calm,