December Book Wrap Up | 2016

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Hey Epic Geeks,

This past month wasn’t so hot on the reading side. However, I knew it wouldn’t be. That’s why in October, I wanted to finish up my Goodreads‘ goal and since then I’ve well over exceeded it. As you know, I’ve been really busy, including a cross country trip. That being said, I think I’ve done pretty good with finishing 5 books considering I was out of town the last two weeks!

I finished up Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas at the very beginning of the month. Last month, I read the first few books of the Throne of Glass series. Since these are the fourth and fifth books, I really can’t say anything, but please go check out my review of Throne of Glass and tell me if you read it. I’d love to discuss Throne of Glass as well as Sarah J Maas with you! I love her writing because she’s just amazing. Her writing is so inspiring. Queen of Shadows is definitely either my favorite or second favorite book in the series as well! The sixth and final book in the series comes out in 2017! I cannot wait!

Next up, I added another amazing author to my list, Leigh Bardugo, with Six of Crows. I have no idea how I didn’t read these two authors before the last two months. For a quick synopsis, Kaz Brekker, mysterious criminal prodigy, has a chance at major loot if he pulls off the most impossible and deadliest heist. To do this, he knows he can’t do this himself, so he gets a team of six from Ketterdam. I will be writing a full review soon, so keep an eye out! I’ll be linking it here once it’s up if I remember!

If I Stay and Where She Went are the two books in the duology by Gayle Forman. I have a full review of If I Stay and a full review of Where She Went. Please check those out and let me know what you thought of the books!


What did you read in December? What’s your reading goal for 2017?


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,