Delete This Season/Episode Please | 5 Fandom Friday

Hey Epic Geeks,

Last month I failed at doing 5 Fandom Friday, even the topic that was my own suggestion! I’m not failing like that again. This week is a topic I suggested and I’m going full force. If you could delete any episode or season from a show, what would it be?

When hearing that question, any Buffy fan instantly thinks the number seven. For this fandom, seven was not the lucky season. I honestly like season 7 more than a lot of Buffy fans. There were good sides to it. But come on guys … this was the finale! Why?


There are actually two episodes I really hope anyone


would remove from The Flash. This most recent season of The Flash was great overall … except for two episodes that could have been completely erased and no one would know.  There are minor spoilers below, but nothing really detectable.

These two episodes were “Attack on Gorilla City” and “Attack on Central City”. I saw very little reason. It crossed off a headline but the episodes themselves weren’t worthwhile. If they were trying to keep it in line with the comics, I feel they could have lined it up better. In the comics, he takes over a jungle on Earth One, but that’s not the two attacks.

Huge fandoms with a ton of seasons are bound to have some bad episodes. As much as I love Doctor Who, Night Terrors was one of those episodes. There as one great line from this episode and they lined it up with another later. The episode overall was very forgettable and not really worth much in my opinion.

Last, but not least, is the episode “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” from Supernatural. I really didn’t like Becky as a character, even though she’s a fangirl. Sam is under a spell and gets tricked into marriage after four days … This is where we met Garth and at first, I wasn’t a huge fan. I never was, honestly, I just warmed up a little. There was just too much bad in this episode for me.


No matter what shows we love, there are some bad eggs.

Two questions

  1. Is there an episode that sticks out in your mind as cringe-worthy?
  2. What’s a fandom you’re devoted to?


In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,