Emma Beware | Book Review

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Hey Epic Geeks,

Today, I am sharing with you a book review of Emma Beware by Michelle Iden.

Emma Beware is a suspense novel. Emma Davenport is a fourteen year old track star who finds herself receiving texts from an unknown number. The texts quickly escalated into stalker territory, not just a wrong number. Joey, her best friend, quickly decided to put her tech-saavy skills to a test. What is to become of Emma’s life?

Michelle messaged me and asked me to review her book. She was informed a few times that this would be a completely honest review. I absolutely love supporting indie authors but unfortunately, this book is the first one in years that I just could not finish. I really wanted to like this novel, but I had to force myself to finish 25%. After hitting 25%, I even went back and read another 5% of the book because I wanted to be as fair as possible in this review. I kept hoping it got better, but I just didn’t like it, which lead to a one-star review.

I didn’t like Emma Beware for a various reasons

The cover

When I saw the cover, I hope that the contents of the book would be better. I thought maybe I was being biased. Not everyone can afford an artist nor is everyone a designer. Oddly enough, though, if you go to fiverr, there are some amazing cheap options.
I showed Zach the cover, since he’s not an author or a designer, and he thought Emma Beware was a self-help book. He would’ve never guessed it was a young adult or suspense novel.

Lazy names

Emma Davenport is the main character. I chuckled a little at her last name because I have lived Davenport, IA. It’s always fun when you see your town’s name as a characters last name. However, what made me not like this aspect is the name creation seemed lazy. Emma lives in Eden, IA. Davenport is a decent sized city in Iowa. Though this may have just been coincidence, it felt more like the “grab two objects for a name” game.

Unneeded acronyms

When Emma was coming up to the Divisional Track Meet, the characters started calling this meet “the big D”. I don’t know if somehow this was looked over or if it was intentional. There were a million other ways to reference an important event. This just sounded like an immature joke.

Is this the first draft?

By now, you’re probably thinking that my reasons are ridiculous and I need to loosen up. If those were the only issues, I would have easily given the book more of a shot. The main reason for giving my first one-star review since my time reviewing books is actually due to the actual content of the book itself. I felt like I was reading a novel written by someone in middle school. I actually questioned whether or not the book had been through an editor. There were many mistakes, even brand names, that an editor would have caught. Again, I understand that editors can be expensive, but they’re also worth every dime. If you can’t afford an editor, make sure you draft multiple times and have at least one other person to look at your book. Fresh eyes see more.

Beta readers, not just friends and family, can also catch major issues, plot holes, and character weaknesses. Not all beta readers are paid. I enjoy beta reading because I enjoy reading.

The style of writing could be described as unique or sloppy. The book skipped from one location and set of characters to a different location with different characters. Sometimes you couldn’t tell the difference or when it happened because the dialogue ran into each other. This could have been executed in different ways such as chapters or page breaks. The prologue wasn’t even inserted. It was just the first paragraph of chapter one and was the only distinguishable page break.

Overall, Emma Beware felt like a first draft. I think it would become a much better novel after a few more drafts/revisions, but until then, my review remains a one-star. If you’d like to know more about the book or even give it your own review, Emma Beware is only $2.99 on Amazon.

In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,