Everything in September! (Engagement story)

I moved five hours north to be with Zach in August of 2014 (the day of my Summer finals, mind you). A month later was the lovely month of September.

And the chaos began

September of 2014 was absolutely hectic! We moved on the first… and yes, this is barely a month after I moved up. My birthday is the seventh of September, feel free to note that in your calendars 😉 … I worked on my birthday but no worries! I still got to celebrate. Less than twenty four hours after I got off work, we started our road trip to California! Thirty hours later, we arrived. California was absolutely great, it always is. We go every year for our birthdays combined. That year we were there for about a week. It didn’t seem long enough, never does. We always go in September for our birthdays combined. Then drove another thirty hours home. The following week was Zach’s birthday, the twenty-fifth of September (feel free to write that down too). After that, the month was over. Where did it even go? We still had to settle in to our new home!

We started joking that we’d have our birthdays, yearly trip to California, engagement, wedding, and every anniversary after that all in… September. This was said and joked about very frequently. Everything in September! Why would I expect anything less?

California 2015 … not in September?

July of 2015 comes along… Zach has clients out in Salt Lake City, UT and  I got a new job starting the first week of August. Our normal trip to California wouldn’t really be able to be made in September this time. So, instead, we planned to take it a little early. The day we left, Zach ran inside the gas station before we left and I was flipping through my phone’s calendar. There was something on my September calendar. Why? I don’t remember putting anything there. So I clicked September 18th and this is what I saw.


Wait. What? … He’s going to propose in two months. Yay! omg. yes. yes. yes. So excited. (:

I immediately set my phone down and try to hold back my grin as Zach got back into the care. Finally, I told him what I found (before I even got out of town… and we were in a small town). He was slightly upset (or tried to act like it) that I found it two months early.

We made it to Salt Lake 19 hours later… then the next day finish our adventure to California with another 10 hours of driving. Once we get to his grand parents, he started to hint that he was going to propose. He’s nervous as can be… but I knew he didn’t have a ring. I didn’t actually think much of it. Throughout the entire trip he kept saying he would propose or that he would do it in September… I was getting anxious and excited, but knew he would do it at some point in September, even though I also knew he wanted to in September.

The proposal

Saturday, July 25th, 2015 … we had a huge family cookout. Zach pulls me to he side. At this point, I’m pretty sure we had already eaten dinner (which was delicious). he told me, very nervously, that he was going to propose the next day while we were out on the boat. That sounded really really sweet. I was thoroughly confused though… He actually asked me what he should say and I laughed, “That’s your job! Not mine.”… At this point, I still know that he didn’t have a ring.

We go back to the tablet (out on the patio) and grab dessert. All of the family is around. Zach stands up… we just sat down, why are you standing up? Are you going to get me another drink?? (: Wait… my drink is full… “Well, guess I’m going to do this now!” Zach stood up. What? Now??? No… he isn’t, is he? I knew exactly what he was doing. I was instantly grinning. I was ecstatic, heart racing… butterflies in my stomach, the whole lot. I’m so excited and happy and from that second on, it was just us, regardless of how many people were staring at us… they weren’t there. The whole world froze and we were also, staring at each other.

“Kayla, you mean the world to me. I’d love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you.” He got down on one knee. Yes, yes, yes!! Is this happening? Is this a dream?? “Will you marry me?” OF COURSE I WILL. Duh!!!! I already knew that. Of course. Yes. Yes. As he asked, Zach pulled out an absolutely gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. When did he get that? Omg. It’s gorgeous. Yes! He slid it onto my finger and I kissed him.


As talkative as my mind was (and no, you guys didn’t even get the half of it), apparently I didn’t say anything. I didn’t realize how (literally) speechless I was… I just couldn’t talk, I have never been so speechless in my life, even with my history of panic attacks and social anxiety. His great-aunt spoke up, “What’d she say? I couldn’t hear her!”… I then was shaken out of our little bubble. We were in our own little world and I, though I’m sure he didn’t, completely forgot that we were surrounded by his entire family. “Oh, of course! Yes!”

Aaaand then we were taking pictures… lots of them.

Keep calm,