February Favorites!


February was a good month, but super busy for being the shortest month of the year. I’m going to try to separate this nicely for you all.

Main favorites

Zach got me a new lighting set up for my cosplay photography and photoshoots. I absolutely love it. Kind of to go along with this, he also got me a new external flash which is extremely helpful during cons and other photography in general. Thanks so much!

Oh, and my new blue mug… I love it. It’s all big and awesome and doesn’t get too hot… just cozy.


Green tea, specifically over ice. I drink this on a daily basis while I’m at work. I’ve never been one to like cold green tea until now. It’s either cold or slightly warm (still over ice). I just love it! I do add a little sugar though.

Eggs, tomato, and toast has consistently been my breakfast if I have breakfast. I usually make my eggs sunny side up. Make toast, then slice tomato on top of my toast. A little salt and pepper and it’s perfect.


SomNote has been particularly helpful trying to organize blog posts and get down ideas on the go.

Amazon Kindle has been just… awesome. I forgot how much I missed it.

Cosplanner is a great app for organizing your planned cosplays and cosplay progress.


Nude nail polish has been a renewed love of mine lately. I picked up a cheap on form Wal-Mart and love it. It’s NYC 201 Fashion Safari.

Red hair. Technically, my hair isn’t completely red, but my amazing friend Kat dyed the underneath layer of my hair red and I’ve just fallen more and more in love with it. I actually might end up dying all of my hair now…


Cosplay photography is somewhat a hobby of mine. I do have a facebook page for my business. I start photoshoots at $50 which is actually extremely cheap. Anyone who wants a shoot from my blog will get a 10% discount on anything I do for you!

Cosplay has become a new love of mine. I dabbled in it a little bit when I was younger but I never actually did anything like conventions. I had a blast at Cedar Rapids Comic Con (even though it was only a day) and met some amazing people. I’m also going to Anime Milwaukee next week!

Reading is so relaxing and I don’t know why I stopped doing it for so long… I guess I just said “I don’t have time.

The Lost Hero; Heroes of Olympus Book 1 is one of the books I’m currently reading and I wish I didn’t have to set it down.


This past month, I’ve met a lot of lovely ladies who blog. Their blogs are amazing and this is just a few. I’ve also featured some in my 3 Awesome, Geeky Gals that Blog post.

Just to name a few others; Kimi WhodePepi, and Geeks and Lattes.

These are by no means all of the awesome blogs out there but check these out! (:


Those are my favorites that I can think of… I should really keep a note of things I love. Why can’t I just remember them all???

I promise next month will be more organized… or try to be.

What are your favorites this month? Comment below!


Keep calm,


  • Aw, thank you for mentioning Geeks & Lattes! You’re awesome. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I’ve seen some of your posts and loved them. And the name? Perfect. (:

  • Go for the red hair all over! Ha, all over your head I mean, otherwise that would be a bold move! I’m going to try again to drink green tea, maybe I’ll like it better cold and with cucumber?

    • This was the first time I ever dyed my hair. So just doing the underneath was a lot… I think if I do it all over, I’ll do more of a red-brown… make it look natural but lighter than my hair and a more red tone.
      Pouring it over ice definitely makes it better in my opinion. I’ve never had it with cucumber though! I’ll have to try that if I remember.

      • Reddish Auburn is a lot more flattering than pillar box red and a lot less scary definitely!

        • Absolutely. I loooved the dark red I had underneath but its fading to a light red-brown color that I wouldn’t mind all over.

          • I had the really red colour and mine is fading to that shade also. I think they are the most original to be honest :0)

          • Absolutely! I love the look of it. (:
            Do you professionally dye yours?

          • My Mum used to do a good job but she’s getting on a bit now so I’ve found an amazing hairdresser who does it. The only thing is that I want blue streaks next time and she doesn’t do funky colours, only red as it’s in natural hair colours. If it’s only streaks I could get my bloke to them with Fudge Paintbox home dye I guess.

          • I have an awesome friend who lives dying hair, especially funky colors. She did mine this time and probably will next time too. (:

          • Aww, you are very lucky! None of my mates are into that, although my bloke offered to cut my hair! This was my expression ((O_o))

          • Awwww, I’m sorry. I cut my own hair. Have for years. My mom used to cut my hair, then once I started probably high school, I started doing it on my own.

          • Ha, it’s ok he didn’t actually do it, it was the suggestion that made think “Oh hell no.” Actually I think he might do a very angular and methodical job of it to be fair to him. I think that’s fantastic that you are able to do that – serious respect to you! ????????

          • Thanks!

            Hey, maybe you should give him a chance!! haha (:

  • Awww <3 Thank you for naming my blog! <3 I also love green tea 🙂 It's one of my favorite teas 😉 And yay for the Apps! I'm going to give a try to SomNote 🙂

  • I wish I lived closer to you! I would totally take you up on cosplay photography sessions! 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Where are you at? Do you go to cons? (:

      • I’m in SC, and I rarely get the chance to travel to cons because of not having a job right now, though I will be at the SPN Atlanta con in October of this year. I was supposed to be in Seattle for a couple of cons in March, but that fell through due to financial issues on the part of my friend who was going to fund me, but I TOTALLY understand because an emergency came up with her new hubby, and that is SO much more important, so I bear no ill will and know I will get to see them eventually. <3

        • Oh, that makes sense. We’re very rarely ever on the East Coast. We’re on the West Coast once a year and live in the Mid West. It’d be awesome to go out to Seattle for a con! Awww, I hope everything with her and her hubby are okay!

  • That is a really cheap price for cosplay photography. You should consider raising the price a little bit. I love that you do that though, just don’t sell yourself short. I know that many cosplayers don’t make that much money but just keep it in mind.

    • Absolutely. Right now I’m trying to build up my cosplay photography portfolio while also offering a great deal for local cosplayers. Thanks for looking out for me!

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