Funko Friday: Even Funkos Dress Up


Hey Epic Geeks,

I’m really excited to (finally) jump onto the wagon with Pepi and Kimi for Funko Friday. How exciting is this? In the spirit of Halloween, I’m showing off a lovely Funko that’s dressed up for too!


The Joker Batman POP

Apparently, Batman decided to dress up as the Joker this year. I love this Funko POP. A couple of months ago I discovered this hidden treasure in my trunk tucked away in a Loot Crate box. I was so happy, I felt like a little kid on Christmas. The rubber ducky featured in the above image is just a little treat from Walgreens, but I love how he matches the Batman Funko. There are also two comics in the back. They are from the May Comic Swap and Free Comic Day (2016), both featuring the lovely Harley Quinn.


The Joker Batman Batman 65


Do you have any Funkos that are dressing up for Halloween this year? How about any that you forgot about then found again? Let me know in the comments below!

In the meant time, keep calm and stay epic,