Funko Friday: Geek Girl x Bloggers POP Swap Pt. 1

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Hey Epic Geeks,

This past month, I helped Pepi set up the Geek Girls x Bloggers‘ Funko POP Swap. Let’s just say … I did an “okay” job at setting up the names that needed to swap. I think I only messed up one, okay? I volunteered to do two swaps. I figured it’d be easier since I was coordinating it all.

Today, I’m going to be talking about the first swap I did and that was with Grace from Geek in out Sobiers as well as linking you to all of the lovely swaps that everyone else did so make sure you come back because this post with me updated until everyone’s swap posts are up.

I gave Grace five Funkos to choose from, which was a different list than I gave my other partner to avoid overlap. Instead of a list that would appease me and Zach, this list was mainly for me.
Liv Moore
Luna Lovegood

Story time:

I actually forgot I was doing a second swap. I already sent out a POP to Grace and with it being holiday season, I had many packages coming. So when I opened up a box and saw a giant dragon staring back, I literally squealed. I probably scared Zach slightly, but I don’t care.

But which dragon you might ask? The one and only SMAUG.

Now, I was really curious why the box showed black eyes and the POP had yellow eyes, especially since every other POP has black eyes. While writing this post, I realized “1 in every 12 figures has colored eyes!”, aka the Chase edition. So not only did Grace get me an amazing giant dragon, some how she has the amazing luck to get me the luckiest, amazing, giant dragon. <3

If you’ve never seen a giant (6″) POP, look at the size difference here. The picture definitely doesn’t give justice. They’re HUGE.


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In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,