Funko Friday: Man of Steel


Hey Epic Geeks,

Last week was Batman dressing up as the Joker but this week, why not a Funko that is just a born hero? Well, not born hero … his powers developed more as he aged and heroism doesn’t just come naturally and the sun is a huge part … but this isn’t about Superman’s history, this is about the adorable Funko, okay?

Superman Wonderwoman

Look at my Man of Steel posing in front of wonderful Wonder Woman from my Comic Swap with L.C. (and a peek of my Stephen King book shelf in the back). I got this gorgeous Funko back in an old Loot Crate from. I think he was actually my first one ever so he holds a special place in my heart


What hero Funko’s do you have? What heroes do you want? What was your first Funko?

Do you have any comics that match? What do you pose your Funkos with (seriously, I’m running out of matching comics)?


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,