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Happy New Year! Goals and Challenges | 2018

Hey Epic Geeks,

Last year, I started my year off with goals and challenges of my own and from others. You can see my 2017 Goals and Challenges here as well as my review! Do you have a goal or challenge for me? Comment below or even just tell me yours! I’m starting off 2018 the same way! Let’s get started.


Goal: Track statistics. Weekly in Excel and monthly in a post (December stats review)

Goal: Consistent BookTube (My Channel)

Re-challenge: Learn to code (re-challenging myself, original challenge from Dee of Princess Deia in 2017)

Goal: Expand RedBubble shop even more

Goal (continuation): Grow my email list more!

Goal: Get 100 members in my Facebook Group


Goal: Write more short stories

Challenge: Write 12 short stories

Challenge: Complete NaNoWriMo

Goal: Read 52 books (Keep up with me on Goodreads!)

Challenge: Complete a 2018 reading challenge (Kattie of Kattie’s Alter Ego … also, post coming soon about this!)

Goal: Write 12 book reviews

Challenge: Try something new creatively … watercolor, origami, anything! (Kattie of Kattie’s Alter Ego)


Goal: Learn one new thing a day and document it (stealing this challenge from Hannah of Between the Lines Editorial)

Goal: Finish my Bachelor’s (this would be in one year vs. two)

Challenge: Try new restaurants instead of always hitting the faves (Kattie of Kattie’s Alter Ego)

Challenge: Become a kpop fangirl ( … … blame Hannah of Between the Lines Editorial)

Challenge: Learn one kpop dance to become Hannah’s wife

Challenge: Watch 1 movie a month (at home or in theaters)


Challenge: Take more selfies for self-confidence! (Kattie of Kattie’s Alter Ego)

Challenge: Try aerial yoga! (Kattie of Kattie’s Alter Ego)

Goal: Do yoga more frequently

Challenge: 30 days of yoga with Adrienne (Natalie of Natalie Patalie has been telling me to do this forever)

Challenge: 100 push ups every day all year … or 30 days (Zach of MY FIANCE. Apparently this is a good idea)

Goal: Develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise

Goal: Be more mindful of the foods I eat (and not be guilty!)

Goal: Be more active, be it working out or just walking more

Goal: Be able to do 5 pull-ups!

Goal: Stop biting my nails!

That is it, everyone! These are all of my New Year resolutions, goals, challenges, or whatever you want to call them. What are yours?

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In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,


  • I have to say: your goal lists are the best I’ve seen! So organized! (And also: so many goals!)

    • awww thanks!! I love organization even if my anxiety says no sometimes. <3

      • Anxiety sucks 🙁 I can’t do much when it kicks hard 🙁 I love what you do with all the lists 😀

        • Thaaaanks <3
          Anxiety is just blah. Mental health in general can kick my butt x_x

  • B.

    I think hitting up new places to eat is a great goal! Talk about fun!

    • Definitely! When we’re not out of town, we tend to just go to the same few steakhouses we really enjoy. When out of town, we grab local food which is normally great. Time to start being a tourist in our own area!

  • Your goals are definitely a lot better organized than mine. I have about two goals and a hundred little goals that fall underneath of them. One of my big goals is to get organized, so I think laying out all of my little goals should be where I start organizing!

    • Having broad and specific goals is great! That would be a great way to start, even if it’s just for yourself!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Nice goals! Yoga is such a great form of exercise, I need to start getting back into it.