Happy Mario Day

Mario was a huge part of my childhood so I can’t resist writing about Mario today. For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, I’m talking about the super famous, “the older sibling always got to play him”, Mario. 

mario evolution by dominicanjoker.jpg

Check out this amazing piece that DominicanJoker on deviantART put together. Even though this piece of work ends at 2009, I think the feel of it is still the same. Sevens years later and the Mario franchise is still going strong. He’s forever going to be a part of our lives as well as many people’s childhoods.

Super Mario Bros (NES)

My childhood was heavily inspired by Super Mario Bros (original, on NES, as well as 2 and 3). One of my first memories is actually playing the NES or watching my mom and sister do the same. I remember begging them to finish certain castles in the first game because I couldn’t or beating Super Mario Bros 3 just so I could have the unlimited wings on the second play through. We didn’t have cable or internet so this was my entertainment and I definitely appreciate that simple childhood. Even though I honestly don’t remember most of my childhood, the NES was definitely still ingrained into my head!

My NES just recently got brought back to me and still works, though I’m missing a cord. ):

Super Mario World (SNES)

I also had the luxury of having an SNES and hello, Super Mario World was the bomb, but I was more excited for Yoshi than Mario. I still have my SNES and this game as well, I think it’s the only SNES game I have anymore, honestly. Just like my NES, I just recently got this back aaaand just my luck, missing a cord here too.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3

I had a Gameboy Advance SP and you bet ya I had the game for it as well. It definitely didn’t win over the original NES version but I absolutely loved it and played it just as much as my Pokemon games (if not more and that’s saying something!).

Super Mario 64 (Nintendo DS)

I never actually  had the N64, sadly. I had a friend who had it so I got to enjoy Super Smash Bros on it, but never as my own console. Super Mario 64 was the first game I had on my DS though and I looooved it. I played it so much and so many times from the beginning.

Mario Kart (Every console possible??)

I’m a huuuuge fan of Mario Kart (yes, I will beat you and no, you have no say in that). I love Mario Kart and honestly, would love to host a Mario Kart tournament with friends (but that would require friends…). I only owned this on my DS, but I loved it on the Wii (which my friend Molly had) and on everything else possible. I love playing alone (#foreveralone) and of course friends and people and online and everything! (PS, Peach was always my gal, and Toad…)


There for the longest time, I played a lot of emulators on my computer. I loved making my own maps for various Mario games as well as playing ones other people had made. Of course, the originals were great, but playing harder maps just made you want to succeed even though some of them seemed impossible!


That was a quick run through of my history with Mario and I’m sure I missed some. But hey, oh well! Happy Mario Day everyone!


Keep calm,


  • Aww that is adorable, you think you can beat me in mario kart! I love you sweetheart, great post 😉

    • Awwwww, I could DEFINITELY beat you in Mario Kart. You’re just too scared to try. 😉

      The Fiancee
      (Did you know the female is supposed to have two e’s? #stealingfromFrench)

      • We are so going to have a mario kart show down on the pc. I will have the roms setup when you get home. Fastest lap time wins, or first to beat the game wins. Anything goes, including any tips/tricks/cheats that you learned throughout the years, EXCEPT looking up things you no longer remember 😉

        PS: I don’t know french very well, but I am totally ok with having one E instead of two lol. You already have 2 as it is in your username, might as well have 2 in your “title” woman 😉

        • To be fair, Zachrael, you only have one e in your username as well. So it works. 😉

          I’m down for a Mario Kart showdown. However, I’d want to get the real thing. Wii, DS, SOMETHING.

  • Ya ya the real thing would be nice, but a ROM will work for tonight. Ignite1hp, Killerkid, Zachrael…They all have one E….hmm…I have a theme going on here. Why doesn’t my real full name have an E in it… Oh well…usernames are where its at xD

    • It’s just a sign that you are a male! (:

  • lol good one, get it..because female has to E’s, and male has one…lol…I love you, have a great day today sweetie pie. Enjoy all the e’s in your pet names xD

    • Well, to be fair it’s also the difference between many feminine and masculine words in Latin languages. 😉

      Thank you! I love you too. I’ll enjoy all of my pet names regardless of the amount of e’s in them.

  • NOOOOOOOO I made my first typo and I can’t edit it… TWO E’s…ugh… here comes all the hate. “Shes with an illiterate ignorant misogynistic narcissistic male” haha. Oh well, mistakes happen. I will just have to proof read everything before I type it out. *Re-reads everything and double checks spelling”. “Actually right clicks to see if spell check is an option”. “Debates whether to remove some O’s from the Noooo…” Oh well…this is me guys the Fiance 🙂

    • “Shes with an illiterate ignorant misogynistic narcissistic male”
      I’ll remember that. Those are your own words, love.

      This is Zach, the loved, adorable fiance, Zach. 😉

  • Happy Mario Day! Playing Super Mario on the NES was one of my 1st video game experiences when I was little. To this day I still love Mario, including playing Mario Party!

    • Same for me, as you read. I find it slightly ironic that your name is the same as my sister’s! I love it. (:

  • Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    I seriously loved playing Mario as a kid 🙂

    • I can’t imagine anyone who was born before 2000 who didn’t!

  • I came to Mario SUPER late as I didn’t have a Nintendo when I was a kid- I only played Super Mario 64 for the first time last year. That said, I LOVE MarioKart. It’s so much fun 😀

    • Wow that’s amazing. At least you did come to it in your life! Whether you were a kid or not, Mario is a great thing to get involved with!

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • I think my favorite past time is throwing the controller at the screen (SNES) playing mario because I just wanted to be a Mario playing badass as a kid. 😛

    • epic.x3@gmail.com

      That’s just fantastic! haha

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