How I Did It: 5 on 15 (Power)

Hey epic geeks,

This month, the prompt for 5 on 15 was POWER. To see the final outcome of my photomanipulation or find out more details, go to my full post over here at 5 on 15: Power.

*Any stock images you see used in any of the pictures will be at the end of this post.*
At first I actually had a completely different idea. I was going to go a fire mage route. She was going to be standing in this broken down stone building.


I just wasn’t feeling this version. I plated with it quite a bit and I just couldn’t get the passion to finish it… so I scrapped and started over.


I tossed in to a most frost mage feel and I loved the cooler power. This gave me the inspiration to continue on. But I wanted more in the sky. She dind’t feel like she was doing much. I messed with giving her a giant snow flake but I forgot to screen cap that.


Other than giving her a companion, as you can see in the final here (5 on 15: Power), I wanted to finish up with giving her power in her face.  Sharpening edges and brightening her eyes. I just made her featuring cooler and harsher.


This isn’t my normal technique on the eyes but since she was so small compared to everything else, I kept a more flat color so they were more obvious.

For the first version:

Stock used:
Alvira – Witch Portrait Stock 19 by faestock
Cloud Stock 18 by Nikkayla
Old city by seerana

For the final image:

My deviantART post 5 on 15: Power by Epicfied

Stock used:
Alvira – Witch Portrait Stock 19 by faestock
Snow Lake 9 by bleu-claire-stock
Snow by Enigmatic-Ki
Gray Wolf Stock 24 by HOTNStock

Brushes used:
Snow Drops for Photoshop by FrostBo

I’ve been requested to do small tutorials each month on techniques I use. Would you be interested in that? What would you like to see?

Do you want to see more progress posts?


Keep calm and stay epic,