I moved my entire life for love … on the day of finals??

Not many people actually know the entire story. So I’ll try to give as many details as possible, however, I don’t want to bore you guys with the same stories.

If you want to know how Zach and I met, you can find that story here.

Zach and I had been walking for a long while. We were long distance, five hours away from each other. Both of us like being close, even if it means just sitting in the same room as each other. So five hours seemed like a long way away. He visited about every weekend, sometimes a week at a time (Thanks Tony and Bobbi for letting us stay over so much!). I was in college at the time and taking summer courses but at the same time, I was also working 30+ hours a week.

Zach had mentioned on and off that he’d move down to where I was at. I didn’t want him to do that. Well, of course I wanted to be with him, but I knew him moving there wouldn’t work. His mother was here, not by where I was. One week, I made the trip up to him. I surprised him with the idea the day before. He acted like I shouldn’t have even asked, but I really didn’t want to show up and him not be home!

At the time, I still lived with my mother. I was graduated and of age, but I still asked her if I could do things. We never agreed on anything so at this point, it was a “You’re of age, do whatever you want because you’re not going to listen anyway”. So instead of asking her this time, I brought her outside (she was at her shop) and told her I was going. I already had plans in place and that was that. (Sorry Mom!).

First trip to Zach’s house

I left on Tuesday after class. Five hours later, I was pulling into his driveway and he met me outside. It felt like we hadn’t seen each other in forever. That hug, that kiss. It was absolutely amazing.

He made me dinner. He made me tea. We watched t.v. shows. We cuddled. We went out to dinner and a special place to him (an amazing story that I’ll share at a later date). It was absolutely perfect.

At some point through this trip, it was jokingly mentioned by someone else “why don’t you move up here?”. I had already thought about it but I was a scared little 18 year old. I didn’t want to be rejected. I didn’t want it to go wrong. I “joked” back saying, “I could transfer school and work”. He seemed to agree but also said I needed to finish school.

Later that night, I rolled over and hesitantly said, “You know… I actually could move up here”. He seemed so excited, “Would you???”. He seemed so shocked that I offered, but why wouldn’t I? I told him I would get everything checked out to see what I needed to do to move. The decision wasn’t even in question, yes I wanted to move up here to be with him. I think we both just knew it was going to work. I had no doubt in my mind.

Transferring school and work

Once I got home, I would call my community college and the community college up here to see the channels I needed to go through to transfer schools. I also talked to my boss at Kohl’s (who wasn’t too happy that I was leaving) to see if I could transfer stores as well.

Luckily, I found the right people and everything transferred smoothly. Found an awesome counselor and transferred all of my classes easily and signed up for the upcoming semester. The Kohl’s up north was happy to take me due to my stats. No questions asked except when could I start.

I excitedly gave Zach the news but no one else knew what was going on… I was due to move in a month, or less at this point. I wanted to get everything final before I told anyone though, including my mom (Sorry, again!)

Telling my mom

Even though I lived with my mother still, we rarely ever saw each other. I had school and work. She ran her own business. When I was home, I was upstairs. When she was home, she was downstairs. Finally one day, I grabbed her before she left. I said we needed to talk. Jokingly , she replied, “Hi, okay, we talked”. For the first time in probably a while, I said, “No, we actually need to talk”. She could tell I was serious and actually stood by the stairs even after me confirming, yes, she should take a seat.

There was no way to beat around the bush. I just told her. “I’m moving up to the XX. I already transferred school and work. I’m just letting you know.” She automatically knew it was for Zach but knew there wasn’t anything she could do. She expressed her Momma Bear concerns about how heartbreak and such, but I told her I’d deal with it if that ever came up. What she didn’t predict is an engagement soon after (Engagement story here).

Then, I used her words against her. She always says, “Everything happens for a reason”. Everything laid out so smoothly for me to move that obviously there weren’t any forces against it. If nothing went right, maybe I would’ve second guessed my decision. 

Telling my dad

I didn’t live with my dad. I usually saw him every weekend, but the last couple months had been rough. He needed to work and then my grandpa passed away. It never seemed to be the right time to tell him and I didn’t want to tell him on the phone. So 2 or 3 weeks weeks before I moved, I had to tell him. I went to lunch with him and his girlfriend (who I didn’t know was going to be there until the day of) and just told him. I couldn’t put it off any more especially since it was only a couple weeks until the day I moved. He was sad to hear I was leaving but, just like Mom, knew there was nothing he could do to change my mind.

I moved on finals

As I mentioned before, I was taking summer courses at the time. I had 3 finals on Friday, August 1st, 2014. I packed my car up the night before. Got maybe 6 hours of sleep before an 8am final. Then drove 5 hours up north to start a new, very exciting, chapter in my life.

My very exciting arrival!

I left my home-town before Zach was even awake. He wasn’t quite sure when I left so he couldn’t know the exact time I would get there. I pulled in the drive way and knocked on the door. It was so exciting to see him. He made a trip down to go to my grandpa’s funeral (I’ll write a post on that as well) but since then, we hadn’t seen each other. His parent’s house burned down and we were also trying to save money for when I moved. It seriously seemed like an eternity since we had seen each other, even though it was only a few weeks.

To my surprise, he pulled out a lovely diamond, heart-shaped necklace and put it around my neck. He had planned on giving it to me for my birthday, but couldn’t wait. The whole situation was amazing and unbelievable, even to this day.

What people don’t know or ask

  1. No, I don’t regret a single part about it. I love being up here and wouldn’t move back to my home town for any reason.
  2. I gave up a full-ride scholarship (including books) to move, however, I still finished my associate’s a year earlier and still close to free.
  3. My family doesn’t even really live in that area nor did we get together all that often. I see my mom and dad less often but it makes the times we do see each other more meaningful.
  4. love the area I moved to even though it was a very big culture shock.

I can’t think of any more frequently asked questions or information people didn’t know right off. Please ask in the comments below and I’ll answer anything!