GGxB POP Swap ft. Philadelphia

Hey Epic Geeks,

I feel really late but really … I’m just as late as possible on my own deadline of the end of January (and PS, I know it’s not Friday but I’m pretending, okay?). I posted my POP Swap part 1 earlier this month which also has links to all the other lovely ladies that were a part of the Geek Girl x Blogger’s POP Swap.

December was an extremely busy month for me, but it was also extremely fun. I went out to the east cost to visit family. This allowed me to also meet Hannah who runs Between the Lines Editorial and Cats and Coffee BlogThis was amazing since we’ve gotten pretty close over the last six month, though why would be ever admit that? FRIENDS? WHAT? ugh.

Neither of us had ever been to Philadelphia, so we dragged the guys into the city and off we went, but not before breakfast. I got SOS … which I later found out stands for Sh** on Shingles, but it was really good to my surprise. Corned beef on toast and slathered on gravy. It doesn’t look appetizing, so no pictures. Trust me, you don’t want to see it. But Hannah’s French Toast looked divine. I swear, it was about 4 inches thick. She had a mini-loaf to herself. Over breakfast is when we traded our POPs. You can see what I got her in her own POP Swap Post.

I was so excited when I realized I got a second giant dragon. If you want to see who my first giant dragon was, make sure to check out my first part of my POP swap.

Hannah, Zach, and I are all WoW players so Deathwing was just the perfect choice. He is now on our World of Warcraft shelf guarding all of our other WoW goodies. Good luck playing any of the games. He won’t let you near them. =/

The restaurant was really cute but their coffee was absolutely horrible. Seriously. Hannah and I are both major coffee drinkers and neither of us could finish our cup of coffee and that was our main reason to stop for breakfast! So the next stop was coffee at a really cute coffee shop called Shot Tower Coffee.

Over all, we just wondered around Philly. We took lots of pictures. I’m going to dump a few below. We had a blast and I think I can speak for Zach as well that we cannot wait to visit Hannah and Philly again! Next time, it needs to be warmer though! 😉

I hope you all had a great holiday and are having a great new year so far. So far my goals are going great. If you you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out my new year, better me post and tell me your own goals for the year. If I’m disappearing too much here on my blog, I’m sorry. I’m trying to get used to juggling a YouTube channel along with a blog. BUT at least the whole YouTube thing is actually happening. Right? I’ve also been super active on my Twitter lately. Just connect with my on all of my social media (found in the side bar).

In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic!