Intro to Word Wednesday; I love words!


To introduce Word Wednesday, why not start by saying WHY I’m doing this.

I love words. Words are one of the most powerful weapons you can ever have.

Thanks for the support Doctor!

The tenth doctor was right, but only partially. Though books are powerful, words in general are the best weapon.  Words are powerful through and through. The lack of words sometimes is just as powerful than an entire book… but so is one word or five. To be short, words are amazing!

One word can make you think of a million memories. You hear “love”, you may think of your spouse, while someone else thinks of heartbreak, while someone else things of books by a fireplace. How the mind works along with words is so intricate and precise. Everything correlates to one another.

That saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”… Sorry, but that’s bullshit. Honestly? I’d rather have broken bones. Those heal. Words? They stick with, at least me, forever. I remember things that were said to me in grade school that hurt my feelings. You may be able to forgive, but you’ll never forget how something made you feel, especially words.

But at the same time, words can be the best thing ever. Just hearing your name, or hearing thank you, or a child’s first word. All of that is so precious and amazing and so much more.

I’ve said all of this in 245 words. But I have so much more to say. How many words were repeated? Every English word is just made up of 26 letters. New words are made every day and vocabularies change. Over a course of 100 years, think how much one language can change, much less all languages.

There are so many definitions of “word” that I couldn’t even decided which to share with you today. Every definition for “word” is made of words. Not to mention that each and every one might mean something differently.

I give you my word, but I’m also typing a combination of words, but what about the Lord’s word? All three of those phrases mean completely different things. A promise, an action, a religious phrase.


Regardless, I love words and hate them. Words are my worst enemy, but also my best friend. I love them when they’re for me but I hate them when they’re against me… And what about those times that I can’t think of the right word. Words are so powerful. The thought of using the wrong word is scary. Words are so powerful. The thought of hurting someone without meaning to is even worse. Words are so powerful. The thought of losing meaning or changing the meaning of what I am thinking is the worst.

Choose your words carefully. Words are powerful.


Keep calm,



I created my word clouds using all of the words in this post and this site:
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