Introducing my new project (new posts every day!)

On my off-day on posting, I wanted to introduce my new project with the blog! As many of you know, I’m in the middle of coding and designing the site, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t start other fun projects that make me post more.


I already post three times a week about random topics: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday(or Sunday).

However, now, I’m here to introduce you to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts!

Mental Health Monday

Monday’s will now include all of the posts that go along with Anxiety, Depression, Stress and anything else that deals with your mental health. This can be from my own experiences to stress relievers and everything else in beween.

Word Wednesday

My sister (over at and used to do Wordless Wednesdays where she’d post a picture with no words for inspiration,  usually just a good laugh. Well using that as a slight inspiration, I’m going to do Word Wednesdays. This will include what I’m reading currently, books I loved before, lovely blogs that I love reading, favorite words, and everything else to do with literature and reading.

Fandom Friday

As many of you know, I’m a nerd, geek, whatever you want to call it. I love gaming and geeky things in general. Fandom Friday will be mainly about random fandoms I’m in and new shows I love and everything else to do with the lovely fandoms we all get lost in.


I hope you all enjoy my new post schedule and enjoy the extra content. Feel free to post suggestions for any of the above and other days! I’ll still be posting Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
(or Sunday). Expect 6 to 7 posts a week!


Keep Calm,