Liebster Award


UPDATE: I accidentally answered the wrong questions below.. the right questions are answered here.

Thank you. Thank you. I, I always have wanted to be important. To win something. Thank you all. First, I’d like to thank my mom, for always pushing me but knowing when not to, like off a cliff. Second, my sister, for being so awesome and feeding me.

That would be me, but much more stammering on stage if I won an Oscar, which I’ll never do. But in all seriousness, thank you so much to Heather over at Life, Love, and Lasagna. She is so sweet and awesome. I’d definitely go check her out, especially since she’s the one who nominated me for this awesome award.

Now many of you, like myself, are probably wondering what the Liebster Award is. Due to Google, I found out that it’s pretty much this awesome award that just keeps giving. It’s specifically for new bloggers (under X amount of followers… I’ve seen different numbers) and once nominated, there’s a set of rules to follow, including nominating other new bloggers. It’s like a never ending circle of spreading the word of awesome people in the world. Bloggers give to bloggers!

Okay, let’s get started. First, the rules.

Rules (ew, who likes rules… can we call them guidelines instead?)

  • Thank the blog that nominated you and link back to them
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you
  • Tell readers 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 11 bloggers to receive the award next (I’ve seen 3-11 as a min to max)
  • Give your new nominees questions to answer about themselves when they post their nomination

Q&A from Heather!

What is one thing you would change about your home?

Well, my current home, I wouldn’t actually change anything. I love our loft apartment. It’s absolutely gorgeous and is very homey now. Only thing I would change is what we’re currently working towards and that’s making it a house.

What is your favorite restaurant and what do you order most?

Favorite resturant? ehhhh, I don’t really have one. Barrel House has been a recent favorite and their chicken sandwiches are good, but their sweet potato fries are heavenly. I really really like steak houses. Texas Roadhouse, Outback… those are both really good. I usually get the cheapest steak, which is usually a sirloin. Love the meat and potatoes.

What is one thing that you love about yourself?

Honestly? I have a lot of image issues, but this doesn’t necessarily mean looks. I love how well I can read a situation and people. Sometimes this becomes over analyzing or even being slightly skiddish in a situation, but in general, I love it.

What has been the hardest part of starting a blog so far?

Deciding what to post which day. Unlike many, I’ve not had the issue of running out of ideas. I’ve had too many ideas and have to figure out how to organize them.

What countries have you traveled to?

I actually have never been out of the country. I live in the US and haven’t even left the main land. No Hawaii or Alaska. No other countries.

What is one goal you have for yourself/family in the next year?

As mentioned before, getting a house is definitely a goal we have. Otherwise, just being happy and having a non-stressful wedding day and enjoying out time together.

If you could take one vacation completely free, where would you go/with whom?

Obviously this would be a vacation with Zach… can this free vacation be our honeymoon? I think it’d be awesome to go to Vegas and have it completely paid for. We could rent as many expensive sports cars as we wanted… “live” in luxury, dine out and get as many $40 salads as we want, and gamble until we can’t anymore. I think it’s be a blast.

What kind of pet(s) do you have?

Right now, we are only pet parents to two cats, Pepsi and Neko.

Neko, age 8
Pepsi 121215
Pepsi, age 20


What is your dream job?

My dream job would have to be Photography. Blogging, or Private Practice in Psychology. All of the above would be amazing and I can’t decide!

What has been your scariest moment as an adult?

Scariest moment as an adult? … I don’t really have any “adult” scary moments. Just things that have happened since I’ve been an adult like getting locked in my car or realizing that I was depressed even though I was happy. Both of those are just normal panics and part of life (or at least mine) but both are so scary even though they don’t necessarily co-exist with just being an adult.

What is your must-have in your morning routine?

Honestly? I don’t really have a morning routine. A must-have would be brushing my hair and brushing my teeth. Both of these wake me up, make me feel a little better, and make me feel more refreshed. Sometimes, a cup of coffee is the key.

Time to talk ABOUT ME. 11 random facts!

Okay, I’ll try to write some that aren’t obvious like being engaged, etc.

  1. I actually hate talking about myself.
  2. I worked in retail for 2 years even though it freaked me out. (I was great at it too!)
  3. love peanut butter… especially with dark chocolate.
  4. I have dreamed about being on YouTube but I’m scared.
  5. I don’t have very many friends.
  6. I have two tattoos.
  7. I want more tattoos but… money.
  8. I love Dungeons and Dragons but I no longer have a group.
  9. I refuse to drive an automatic car ever again, last time it freaked me out.
  10. My mom owes me a hedgehog.
  11. I secretly hope that cosplay or acting as someone else helps my anxiety, but I don’t think I can get past ME.

I nominate …

Molly at Twenty Something Else

Emma at Scruffy Little Nerd Herder

Mandy at The True Ultimate Fangirl Officially AND Downtown Geekbound

Kayly at My Open Sketchbook

Questions for the new nominees to answer

  1. What’s your favorite hobby?
  2. Do you cosplay?
  3. Morning person or night person?
  4. Do you have any pets? Show me pictures!
  5. How long have you been blogging?
  6. What’s your favorite blog post?
  7. What’s your favorite drink?
  8. Do you like sweet potato fries?
  9. What’s your favorite color? (and why)
  10. Do you like art, drawing, etc?
  11. Do you play an instrument?



Okay, that’s all for today but I’m seriously excited about this and so happy to be able to move forward with my blog. I’m also really excited to give others the same opportunity!

Keep calm,