Life update epicfied

Life update and what to expect in the future

Hey Epic Geeks,

Instead of rushing a post together last minute about books, I decided to do just that but with an update. Next week, I’m moving and, well, it’s busy and stressful just like any other move. I wish I could do the Winter Biannual Bibliothon, but quite frankly, I don’t have the time or energy to put into it (due to moving). However, I am planning on starting my YouTube channel back up after the move.


My YouTube still has a randomized URL so you can find me here. In the upcoming months, I hope you can expect one video out a week. This will be book related or just geek related. Monthly wrap-ups will be recorded and posted here on the blog like normal. I also hope to do book chats and reviews.

In regards to geeky content, you’ll likely see mostly gaming or tv related stuff. I’m currently working on a Sims 4: rags to riches gameplay. I created basically myself and attempted to get as close to my own career and routine as possible.


As some of you know, I used to stream pretty regularly on Twitch. You can find my Twitch channel @epicfied or just click here. You can expect me to stream once a week on Wednesday (maybe?) from 6:30CT until 8:00ish CT. I also might pop up at random times depending on what my plans are, but should have one weeknight guaranteed.

I will likely be streaming games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Sims 4. Diablo 3 will likely be tossed in around new season releases and games like PUBG or League of Legends might be here and there.



Here at, you’ll be seeing all of the normal book reviews, wrap-ups, etc. You can expect these to be posted once a week on Wednesday. I did a poll in my Facebook group and for some reason, this day of the week won! If you have any recommendations for books to read, review, or really anything, just comment down below (or email me at!

Ex Patriarchy

What I’ve been calling “Project #2” is technically released. It was my second website/blog that will be all about life, mental health, feminism without the extreme, and honestly, anything that can be controversial. It’s been a hell of a year (or two) here in America (and everywhere) with the election, #metoo movement, and so much more. As Epicfied settled into more of a book blog, I wanted to create a place where everything goes. That place is called Ex Patriarchy.

No worries though, there are still some geeky fun things over there too. I’m working on running books, movies, games, and anything else I can through the Bechdel test. Any recommendations are more than welcome here or at my email at

Another project within Ex Patriarchy is going to be a #metoo series. I want to share my own stories as well as others all anonymously. I’ll update this soon with other ways to participate, but for now, just email your story (or stories) to

All stories will be left anonymous when posted and I’ll never post stories back to back if they’re sent by the same person. Feel free to send from a fake email address, but I won’t contact you outside of email or reference who you are. I will also change all names unless you’ve state you already have.

I’m sure I have more to update you all on, but packing (and video games) call. I hope you all have a great holiday and an even better beginning of the new year.

In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,