Loot Crate QUEST (April 2016) … bonus drink recipes!

I was sooooo excited for April’s Loot Crate. Who doesn’t want to go on a QUEST? Let’s get started!

April 2016 Loot Crate QUEST

Do you realize how excited I was when I saw a Labyrinth shirt right on top? I wasn’t really paying attention this past month of being crazy busy. So this was a complete shock.

The #LootPins was a D20 on a shield. This is one of my favorite pins ever. I mean, look at it! These got me extremely pumped for the rest of the box.


Now look at this. Could the box get anymore perfect? The next thing I see is a pair of socks… Harry Potter socks. YES. Please. Thank you.

Now what’s in the box?


At first glance, not everyone would know what this is… but I did. It’s a large D20 ice mold. I probably practically squealed. I don’t remember. Zach could probably tell you.

The last two items were the poster that was rolled up at the drinking horn.

20160421_183250 20160421_183423

The poster is neat. It was an Uncharted 4 poster and the drinking horn is from the show Vikings (renewed for season 5, but I’ve not even seen an episode…)


Mythic Mixology

Now, we all know what you’ve been waiting for … the drink recipes.

In the from of the booklet, there are two drink recipes. Both are non-alcoholic but I’m sure you could make some substitutions. Let me know down below if you want me to experiment some and try to make alcoholic versions (or just get in contact with some of my more drink/recipe-inclined blogger friends).

Tiamat Punch

Makes 26 servings

1 64oz bottle of cranberry juice

1 64oz of Unsweetened Pineapple Jouice

1 48oz Carton of Rainbow Sherbert

1 Liter bottle of sparkling water (or other of your choice) optional

Directions: Pour juices into bowl. Add water as desired. Add scoops of sherbet.

House Cup (I’ll probably actually try this one)

Makes 2qts

3 Green tea bags (w or w/o ginger)

2 cups Hot water

6 cups of cold/room temp. water

2 medium/large Granny Smith apples

15-20 Mint leaves

Directions: Steep tea bags in hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash, peel, and slice apples into half-inch pieces and place in pitcher. Pour tea into pitcher over apples (remove tea bags). Tear mint leaves into smaller pieces and add to pitcher. Add remaining water and store in fridge. Recommend leaving for at least an hour in fridge.

Want to sweet the House Cup tea? Make a simple syrup by boiling one cup of whatever sugar your heart desires with one cup of water until the sugar dissolves. Let it cool!


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and sorry it was so late on posting. I’ve been extremely busy these past couple weeks.


Keep calm,




Disclaimer: all recipes are from Loot Crate April 2016 QUEST magazine.