Magical March Photo-a-day #SelfieConfidence

Hey Epic Geeks,

For New Years, I did a goals and challenges set by myself and others rather than resolutions and I plan to stick to them. Kaitlin from Vivacious Hobo challenged me to take more selfies for self confidence. I had never thought of this being productive. In fact, I had always secretly shamed myself if I took selfies. The more I thought about this challenge, the more I loved it. Taking selfies for self confidence made a lot of sense. However, I realized it would only work if I strayed away from filters or anything that “beautified” my skin.

This entire thought process made me want to include all of you. I have three younger cousins who are in love with taking selfies. They have an entire process. They have their favorite apps that have the “best” filters to make them look “perfect”. With this, I want you all including them to realize you are perfect without those silly apps and filters.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for artistic freedom and adding black and white or sepia tone but no facial reconstruction or smoothing. Deal?

Challenge: Take a selfie every day in March.


  • No filters than change how you look. E.g., no beautify on Samsung, no Snapchat filters than change your eye size, face shape, skin, etc. and so on.
  • Post on a social media platform with hashtags #MagicalMarch AND #SelfieConfidence
  • Tag me @Epicfied regardless of social media
  • Be creative!

When? March 1–Mach 31


  • What about Instagram Filters? Only black and white or sepia tones.
  • Can I wear make up? Of course. Just no filters that change your facial structure, eye size, etc. This is about self confidence for YOU. Make up is something that can boost confidence and it’s actually accessible to everyone, etc. but filters, photoshop, etc can distort body image and creates unrealistic standards. However, I do encourage taking make up free selfies, even if it’s only on weekends. Don’t feel the need to put on a full face just to take a selfie! <3 (:

This month has no theme or challenge other than to post daily. If you’d like me to create a more in depth challenge in the future, let me know! I’m definitely open to any suggestions. I look forward to seeing all of your posts. Remember this is for YOU.

In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,