Marked for the Hunt | Book Review

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Welcome to my book review of “Marked for the Hunt” by Leah Chiasson.

Marked for the Hunt” is an urban fantasy novel. This is the first book in Leah Chiasson’s upcoming series and I’m hoping to see at least a trilogy, though I’m not sure how many books she’s actually planning to write. Diana Warren comes back to the Wolf’s Head after witnessing her father’s murder and fleeing. Almost eight years later, her grandfather is dead and she must come back to attend his funeral. Wolf’s Head is tense during her return and especially with the lack of a Clan Alpha. Not only does Diana have to deal with her inner fight between her human and her wolf side, she has to figure out if she’s going to continue to ignore the fight that’s right in front of her between her former clan.

I absolutely loved this novel and without bias, give Marked for the Hunt 5 star review. Leah Chiasson has amazing craftsmanship with her words and descriptions and being this early in this career, I definitely think she’ll be a “Sarah J. Maas” soon, and we all know my love for her. Her characters were well developed and her plot kept rolling. When there wasn’t action, there was conversation or amazing food descriptions. The werewolves in this story didn’t lack many ideas and lore that other stories lack. I highly suggest it for any fan of fantasy, even those that normally don’t like werewolf novels!


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