May Comic Swap

First off, I’m going to start out with how amazing geek x girls bloggers group is on Facebook. As Stacey mentioned as well, this group is so awesome. Everyone there is so just, words can’t even express. I love the support and swaps and everything that everyone does to support each other. So thank you, I don’t say it enough.

Any way, Stacey over at Geeks and Lattes decided to host a “secret” comic swap. The idea was pretty much the same as a secret santa. The names get swapped randomly and surprise, you give and you get. When we ended up with an odd number, I jumped at the opportunity to help out and did two swaps instead. Originally, I was going to split this into two posts but I’m two days late and extremely busy with rearranging the house (and an awesome photoshoot with Nikki Gillette). So let’s get to it!

My two swaps were with Anna over at Nerdy Alerty and Quills over at The Talking Geek Pod. Both of them are extremely amazing and got me comics that are awesome. If you want to see what they got me, I’ll link them at the end of the post.


I received the package from Anna at Nerdy Alerty first. I was completely clueless as to what it was and to be honest, I even forgot what I had on my wishlist.

I opened it up and it was Gotham City Sirens. Absolutely amazing. I’m in the middle of reading it. I love the art. It’s definitely comic book style and just perfect. Thank you so much!











Poor Quills messaged me shortly before the swap was coming to an end. The graphic novel was shipped there instead of to my house. To my surprise, there was a couple stickers (and a business card I think but I can’t find it, WTF?) included before getting shipped back out to me. I promptly putt the sticker on the side of my computer. Thank you soooo much. I really hoped you opened up the graphic novel before shipping it because the art is sooooo well done. Thank you!!!!

20160604_105657 20160604_105720










Thank you thank you thank you BOTH, so so much! I definitely appreciate both the comic and the graphic novel. Just THANK YOU!


Don’t forget to check out what I got them.

Comic Swap Host Stacey @ Geeks and Lattes

What I got Quills @ The Talking Geek Pod


Last but not least, thank you Stacey for being so organized and an absolutely awesome host.


Keep Calm,